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6 PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Leveling Up Your Presentation

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Did you know that close to 4 out of 5 people have a fear of public speaking?

While there are tons of different ways you can work on building your confidence, learning how to make a PowerPoint presentation like a pro can work wonders for you. Whenever you get nervous, you can take a moment to breathe and refer to your presentation.

There’s nothing worse than having a dull slideshow. Keep reading to learn about 6 amazing PowerPoint tips and tricks that will help your audience stay engaged.

1. Add Audio to Your Slides

One of the best PowerPoint presentation tips is to liven up your slideshow with audio. This makes your presentation much more dynamic and surprising to the audience.

You can learn how to voice over on PowerPoint here.

2. Zoom in to Important Features

When it comes to all of the PowerPoint tools out there, nothing is handier than the zoom feature. Not many people know that it’s there or take advantage of it.

To zoom in, you’ll have to enter Presentation Mode then click the magnifying glass at the bottom left of your screen. This can draw extra attention to important features, like graphs.

3. Create Your Own Theme

Are you feeling tired of the handful of presentation themes that you can select on PowerPoint? If so, you’ll be delighted to know that you have the power to make your own.

Once you open the themes, you can click “Edit Master” then go to “Slide Master” and tweak anything you want.

4. Make Fun Animations

Some of the animations that you can choose on PowerPoint are cheesy or overused. If you have some artistic skills, then you can get creative by designing your own animations.

To do this, keep scrolling through the animations tab until you find “Custom Path.” Drawing on the screen may be challenging at first, but it’s worth trying.

5. Give Your Photos a Makeover

Another easy way you can improve your PowerPoint is to give your photos a special touch.

All you need to do is right-click on any image and select “Format Picture.” This will pull up a menu that allows you to play around with all kinds of cool effects.

6. Consider Using Transitions

PowerPoint does have some interesting transitions that can get people excited to see your next slide.

While most people know about this feature, not as many are aware that it can be customized by changing the duration in the top right corner.

Are You Ready to Use These PowerPoint Tips and Tricks?

Giving presentations isn’t easy for most people, but the good news is that there are plenty of great PowerPoint tips and tricks that can calm your nerves. Now that you know how to make a beautiful presentation, you can get ready to wow your audience.

Was this guide on the most popular PowerPoint hacks useful to you? If you’d like to know other ways you can take charge in the business world, our blog is full of professional resources. Click around the site so you can discover more helpful advice.


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