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5 Signs You Need to Call a Commercial Pest Control Company

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Pest control companies are a huge business in the United States, having recently ballooned to the $18 billion mark. These pros are helpful when you have a residential pest issue and are every bit as valuable when an office needs pest control.

The key is knowing when it’s time to call up a commercial pest control company so that you don’t let your problems get out of hand. How do I know when to hire commercial pest control near me? We’re happy to help.

Use these tips to address know when to have a professional address your commercial pest control needs.

  1. You’re DealingWithSerious or Dangerous Pests

A commercial pest control service should be relied upon for emergency situations.

No pest issues are fun, but there are a few that turn the seriousness knob up a notch. Termites are A-1 on this list since they don’t just inhabit your office building — they start to eat away at it. This infestation can lead to insurmountable damage that ruins your office building’s property and equity.

Rodents are also serious business due to health issues – particularly if you run a restaurant or other company that handles and serves food or sensitive materials. Wasps become dangerous when they inhabit areas of your building as well. Consider these sorts of infestations emergencies that require immediate help.

  1. They’re Leaving Droppings and Building Nests

You’re dealing with a full-fledged pest infestation anytime you’re starting to notice signs like pest droppings, grease marks, or smears. It’s a disgusting reminder that these pests don’t care about your company or its cleanliness, and must be eradicated ASAP.

Consider signs that these rodents have built nests, such as coming out to find food sources, and seeing nest materials in nooks and crevices.

  1. Regular Products Aren’t Working

There’s nothing wrong with trying to handle your pest issues yourself, but you should quickly recognize when the over-the-counter products aren’t working. Professionals have extra-strength products that will kill existing pests and also prevent them from reproducing.

Consider the type of business you run and whether you need green-friendly pest-control treatments that won’t disturb the environment. Visit to learn more about some of the most commonly used pest control solutions for offices.

  1. You’re Risking a Health Violation

Stay up-to-date with your municipal health code to make sure that your pest issues aren’t causing you to risk a violation or fine. It’s definitely time to hire pest control if you’ve already failed an inspection and need a do-over to keep your doors open.

Have the pest control company walk through the health inspection checklist to make sure they’ve wiped out the problem completely.

  1. It Hurts the Brand

Pest issues aren’t just physical problems. Once word gets out about your infestation, it can spread like wildfire and prevent people from patronizing your business. This is particularly true if the infestation shut you down temporarily or made headlines.

Online reviews live forever, so keeping your business pest-free will prevent these red marks from sullying your company’s reputation.

Get the Commercial Pest Control Service You Need

Commercial pest control service professionals can take care of even the worst infestations. Now that you know the importance of hiring these pros, it’s time that you link up with experts. They’ll offer you price estimates on the service so that you can wipe out even the most troublesome infestations.

Contemplate these tips and read our other articles about business services that will help you get the most out of your company.


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