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4 Reasons Why There Are So Many Wasps Around Your Home

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Wasps can be dangerous. The closer you are to their nest and the more of a risk they think you are, the more likely they are to attack. While a wasp sting isn’t usually fatal, they can sting en mass and it’s a painful experience. In addition, if you suffer from allergies it can be a serious issue

That’s why having a lot of wasps around your home can be a serious and concerning issue. It’s also the reason you should check here and find your local pest control firm. They can handle the issue for you and remove any infestation. 

It’s also worth talking to them about preventing wasps from getting into your home.

Here are the top reasons why there are so many wasps around your home:

  • Food

Wasps need food and water. They are specifically attracted to nectar and sugary liquids produced by their larvae. In other words, wasps have a sweet tooth. If you have sweet items left on your countertops or open packets not in sealed containers, the wasps will detect the aroma and come to check it out. 

The good news is that you can prevent this from being an issue by sealing food packets and wiping all surfaces regularly with an anti-bacterial solution. 

  • Protection

In the cooler months, wasps need to hibernate. This helps them to stay warm and survive until the weather improves again. They will hibernate wherever they feel it is likely to stay warm and dry. Unfortunately, that’s a quality most humans like about their homes, which means your house makes an attractive residence for them.

You need to ensure all gaps and cracks are sealed to prevent the wasps from getting in.

It is important to note that if wasps are already in your home you can’t seal up their entry point until you know that they are all dead. If you do the wasps will be rapped inside your home and that is likely to cause issues. 

  • Attractive Nest Site

Gaps and cracks allow wasps to find the small crevices in your home that are perfect to create nests in. They are particularly fond of creating nests in walls and attic spaces. 

If your home appears to have an attractive and accessible nesting site, the wasps will check it out. Again, you need to ensure the gaps and cracks are blocked, preventing them from creating a nest.

  • Accidentally

It is possible that a wasp simply flies into your home by accident. In most cases, they will fly back out or you can guide them out of your home. The simple truth is they are curious and always exploring new food possibilities. Your home is an obvious place to look.

However, if you ensure that there are no easy food sources in your home, there will be little reason for the wasps to stay. That, and sealing all potential entry/exit points will help to keep your house wasp free.


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