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5 Items of Essential Safety Gear Every Workplace Needs to Have

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The latest OSHA regulations regarding cloth face masks to protect workers from the spread of viruses offer a lot of leeway to employees. The Association isn’t as easy-going when it comes to other types of PPE, though.

If you, as an employer, don’t provide your workers with the essential safety gear they need to complete their daily tasks, you could face hefty penalties. What’s more, these penalties are per person, so they add up quickly. 

Keep reading to discover the most common safety gear required in workplaces today.

  1. First Aid Kits

Every workplace needs enough basic medical supplies to cater for mishaps as well as more serious injuries in the workplace. 

Basic first aid kits include items like bandages, band-aids, and cold packs to deal with cuts or bruises. 

You should also have more advanced first-aid kits, comprising things you could need in an event like a fire or tornado. These include dressings and splints.

Biohazard kits contain supplies for dealing with blood-borne pathogens and bodily fluids. It’s vital to dispose of these waste items safely. 

Get in touch with a PPE supply company to discuss these office safety supplies for your business needs.

  1. Fire Extinguishers

All public spaces, including places of work, must have one 2A-rated fire extinguisher per 3,000 square feet. You never know when an appliance like a microwave could spark a raging inferno in your office. 

It’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure they service and maintain their fire extinguishers and that employees know how to use them. 

  1. Safety Cones

Safety cones come in handy to alert employees to potentially dangerous situations. In an office setting, you’ll most likely use them after a spill, during renovations, or while cleaning your floors.

When you use safety cones to keep your employees out of harm’s way, you reduce the chances of slip-and-fall injuries as well as worker’s compensation claims. 

  1. Safety Gear for Visibility

Safety regulations state that all employees at risk of a vehicle or mobile construction equipment striking them must wear a high visibility safety vest. That means anyone working near moving vehicles or equipment, e.g. a parking attendant, must wear this workplace safety gear.

It’s not enough to provide the vests and wash your hands of the matter, though. According to this guide to safety vest maintenance, you could end up in hot water if you don’t ensure your workers’ hi-viz safety vests remain in good order, too. 

  1. Face Coverings

Apart from cloth face masks as safety gear for office workers, there are many other instances where employees might need face coverings. 

If they work with hazardous chemicals or any substance that may harm their respiratory tract, employers must provide their workers with appropriate surgical masks or face shields. 

Keep Your Workplace in Good Order

Providing adequate safety gear for your employees is only one way to ensure they perform at their best every day. There are many other aspects like training, fair practices, and wellness programs that can help keep them engaged and motivated too.

If you’d like to discover more tips on how to keep your business running at its best, browse some more of our blogs.


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