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5 Getaways In The USA As Ordinary Traveler

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Life can get hectic and often disconnect us from ourselves and our loved ones and in this fast-paced world of duties, commitments and responsibilities everyone needs to unwind sometimes and escape on a getaway. With a varied amount of options available, planning a great getaway is not difficult. 

Depending on the type of holiday you need, be it hitting the super hyped nightlife and strips of some of the most happening and lively metropolitan cities or a simple quiet escape to a secluded cabin in a country farm or resort, we understand your need. 

So, if you’re ready to pack your bags and do your KLM Airlines Booking to take a break in some of the best places for you and your loved ones, then here are some great GETAWAYS IN THE USA!

1. Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai may not be the most splendid retreat with 5-star hotels and restaurants but it is certainly one of the most romantic. There is simply an indescribable charm about getting away on an escape with your loved one to an island. 

Unlike its busier and bigger counterparts in Hawaii, Kauai is more slow and relaxed and therefore makes for a better option to enjoy some quality time together here. Pristine Beaches, clear skies and brilliant sunsets will make your stay here scenic and an absolute pleasure here on Hawaii’s oldest island.

2. Fredericksburg, Texas

A little town in Texas, Fredericksburg is a perfect getaway looking for a lovely small-town experience. The place here is known for its German heritage and is an especially great spot to gorge on some great German food and also participate in the town’s Oktoberfest. 

Here if they wish can also opt for and settle in one of the many quieters and secluded cabins that offer a more private experience and a great way to bond together.

3. Savannah, Georgia

Dating back to the colonial era, the town of Savannah is Georgia’s oldest town and also undoubtedly one of its most romantic as well. This old town still has charms from its old age history and coupled with its hanging moss and Historic District makes for a perfect romantic walk. 

Dinner at The Olde Pink Park with its comfort food and Leopold’s Ice Cream should hopefully make for a good dinner date; for options, Sisters, Real Southern Cooking and Sandfly BBQ are also good places to dine. 

4. Sedona, Arizona

Often described as one of the most beautiful places in America, camping here can be one of the best getaways with your partner and here both day and nights are equally romantic. Active couples will be happy to know that the are offers more than 100 hiking trails along with options of other hosts of activities like swimming, kayaking and fishing. 

Body Spas here are also particularly amazing and the local twist to it makes it completely worthwhile. The Verde Valley Wine Trail here also gathers accolades from many for its exquisite offerings of Vino and diverse atmosphere.

5. Naples, Florida

An exuberant and youthful retreat, Naples and its namesake in Europe have only one thing in common; extravagance. Instead of art and divine Italian food here you are presented with high-end five-star restaurants and hotels. 

The crowds around here are mostly young and the atmosphere is romantic and is a great place for couples to make their way here. If you’re feeling adventurous then head to the Everglades National Park and tour the abundant wildlife and coastal mangroves there and at night, life here is also nothing short of fun and visitors should definitely experience it.

6. Charleston, South Carolina

A charming town, Charleston is similar in many ways to its neighbor Savannah -Spanish moss. Fantastic Southern food and lots of history- but despite all this Charleston still manages to maintain its own personality. 

Charleston may not be great for swimming but romantic strolls are ideal, however, in the warmer days Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palm and Folly Beach are good places to catch some gentle waves and offer good sun and sand. The Charleston Boat tours at sunset are especially romantic for couples so book a couple ticket on Vivaaerobus Official Website to visit this place.


We all know around the USA is the best place to enjoy your vacations without any problem there are many places to explore. This is only a single palace for the people who want to explore the world in a single place. If you are planning to explore the USA then these Getaways in the USA you, must add to your vacations trip.


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