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5 Best Free VPN – 2022

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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The name “free VPN” indicates the perfect solution to get the unavailable content from the restricted sites. Feel relaxed about tracking your data if you get a decent VPN to enjoy services without paying even a single penny. You have to know the VPN services and their uses in detail before using them. Consider the functionality and level of perfection about the VPN and should not compromise on the security level provided by the particular VPN.

Let’s move down to knowing the best VPN providers-2022 free of cost!

#1. DewVPN

It is an amazing type of VPN that ensures the masking of IP addresses and maintains your security. The main motive of it is to ensure your security level. There is no complication to using it; easy steps are to follow and connect it with ultra-fast speed. It offers global internet access and allows you access to any content worldwide. 256-bit encryption is used for the high protection of your data. Canvas fingerprinting is the additional feature in this VPN that distinguishes it from others.

#2. ProtonVPN Free

This VPN offers unlimited data allowances without any charges. The level of privacy is greatest here so that your data can be protected. It is an intuitive desktop app with many server locations. The good streaming performance is ensured by ProtonVPN and supports a wide range of devices worldwide with a zero-logging policy. The information leakage is avoided to some extent to maintain its privacy status for the users.

#3. Windscribe

People prefer to use this VPN due to its surety about users’ privacy. No one can give this level of security without paying any cost. Free data up to 7GB per month are provided by it to give maximum usage flexibility to the users. There are reviews available that can be read to get more details before using them. It is a very simple and effective VPN that is used free of cost with powerful policies to make it good.


Many configurable features play a vital role in adding this VPN to the list of best VPNs free of cost. It ensures the maximum speed while using it and resolves the connectivity issues instantly. A good data limit is offered by it for the ease of the users. It will be a good choice if you are sensitive and don’t bear the negative things. Nothing is wrong with this VPN, and you can take evidence by glancing at the reviews.

#5. TunnelBear Free

It is so jolly sort of VPN that people feel friendly and prefers to use it. It offers eco-friendly services and makes a mode to attract users by their positivity. The excellent security services are ensured by this VPN even it is not easy to maintain privacy at this level without gaining a single penny.


The free VPN can bless you with such services that amaze you literally. The casual users feel comfortable using it because they fulfil their needs without paying charges. You can securely search any restricted data with the help of a free VPN in which the server’s information is used instead of the original one. If you are confused and want to make the right decision for choosing the best VPN free of cost, contact us today!


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