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10 Inspirational Vintage Logos + Tips to Make Your Own

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The retro logo is filled with ideas: the retro colour palette, accent colours, or the heavy typeface. Sometimes, a stunning design comes to you from nowhere, and you’re motivated to design something original and ground-breaking. 

One of the best places to get innovative designs for artists is to take a look at the work other designers are producing. 

Here are the 10 inspirational vintage logo design are as follows: 

  • True Spark

The first item on our list beautifully illustrates the basic principles of vintage design. It features a unique font, muted vintage colours and a vintage design component.

The young man working in the image sports an old-fashioned look, and the colours of this logo perfectly complement the vintage style.

  • Stack Stone & Timber

The yellow-coloured accent in this design stands out against the dark car design in the logo’s background. Additionally, the old-fashioned automobile with the company’s name on the side is an excellent addition.

Accent colours are an excellent method to add emphasis and an additional dimension to a logo.

  • Workhorse

The dark hue contrasts with the pops of light colours in this design to create an unsettling contrast. The logo is an excellent illustration of classic design. Simple and classic. We love the traditional image of the company’s name at the top.

  • Hank’s Hemp

The logo designer for an organization called hanks Hemp that creates hemp-based clothing for children perfectly represents the brand.

It’s not just one logo but several concepts. This is a fantastic example of what the design process behind logo designs can look like.

The logo is natural-looking and utilizes green to signify the connection to nature. Using carefully selected colours in your logo can trigger an emotional reaction in your viewers.

  • House of Swell

House of Swell is a lifestyle brand that aims to make you feel comfortable both inside and out. The logos reflect that idea through the colours and funky design they picked.

The hues are muted like antique designs; however, they are still bright.

  • Kings Langley Press

The designer provided a little background information on the logo, explaining it was picked to represent the excitement and discovery discovered in the pages of books.

The logo has a resemblance to the title page from an old book. It has a design style and colour scheme. We think the designer hit the nail on the head with this design.

  • Catawba Clothing Co

We love the retro blue tones and the retro car style of this brand.

He is often using vintage automobiles in his designs. We think it’s a great idea.

This style is reminiscent of memories of childhood holidays and a trip to the beach.

  • Black Cabin Workshop

Another design in black and white to add to the list. This is a perfect representation of the car workshop.

The vibrant black colours contrast with sharp white attractively.

We like the expression “casual chaos” used in conjunction with the company’s name, and it gives a clear impression of the company without taking up so much space that it obscures the business’s name.

  • Mellow Dog Rescue

The font and muted hues make up the design’s muted colours and font. It’s old-fashioned. We are in love with abstract dogs and the sun and how they are formed around each other.

  • Tranquil Vista Campground

The nostalgic image of a bear rowing a boat perfectly illustrates a classic logo for an outdoor-related brand. In this instance, the camping site.

The colour green was employed to create a natural, earthy style that matches this brand perfectly.

The bear in the logo is a reminder of the old fashioned advertising campaigns that helped make him a culturally iconic figure.

Tips for Modern & Vintage Logo.

A logo designer must explore the trends in design and fashions that they wish to invoke. Look at the artefacts and publications you would like to imitate for inspiration in design. 

  • Logos Must Be Legible. 
  • Scaled Up and Down
  • Look Great in Colour
  • Grayscale or Black-And-White.

Creating a Vintage Logo Is Not Difficult Yet. Check Out How? 

The appearance of these vintage logos can appear complex. However, creating a vintage logo is relatively. Here are some tips and tricks on designing your logo to look old-fashioned or vintage.

Choose a Shape: Keep in mind that classic logos generally comprise text and an image inside the shape’s perimeter. Common conditions include triangular circles, ovals and diamonds.

Choose a perfect background: Choose a background to allow your company’s name and logo to stand out against the background. Then, choose the colour palette or colour theme to maintain the classic style of your business logo. Pick a dark and a light shade for your fonts and text.

Choose an Icon: Older logos generally have an icon placed in the middle within the logo. The icon should be precise in describing the services your company gives customers. Keep the icon as straightforward as possible since there will be fewer colours in a classic logo.

Select A Font: Vintage logos are renowned for their bold, big and retro-looking typefaces. Be aware that the font has to be able to fit into the shape of your logo’s perimeter. If the font doesn’t read at a distance, you’re losing the brand’s recognition.

Select the design details: Vintage logos are typically composed of small elements, like dots, stars, dashes or other designs. The logo designer team suggests placing these designs around the perimeter of or inside an inner border like the one below.

Vintage logos for business are an excellent method of attracting a crowd of all ages, as they’re made in a vintage way. If you’re thinking of creating an authentic vintage logo, our software for designing logos has many options. Begin creating your business logo now.

Bring to the Closure….

These old logos might have a complicated appearance. Because they are produced in a retro style &  vintage logo for business are an extraordinary approach to attract a crowd of all ages. 

Here are a few pointers on making your logo look old-fashioned or vintage. Choose the right background to make your company’s name and logo stand out against the background.


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