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10 Best Blogs For Entrepreneurs You Should Follow

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
Suleman Siddiqui, an accomplished editor, navigates the realms of celebrity, lifestyle, and business with a distinctive flair. His insightful writing captures the essence of the glamorous world of celebrities, the nuances of contemporary lifestyles, and the dynamics of the ever-evolving business landscape. Siddiqui's editorial expertise combines a keen eye for detail with a passion for storytelling, making him a sought-after voice in the realms of entertainment, luxury living, and commerce.

It is nearly the end of a year, which means you are probably thinking about your next big professional or company move over the coming year. You wish to expand your company. You are looking for fresh, inventive ideas. You want to rise to the top of your field.  And whether you are ready to stop dreaming and start doing or are still planning to transform your passion into a full-time profession, following blogs is a terrific method to get ideas and information to help your business grow. But which ones do you keep up with?

We have put together a list of our top 10 business blogs. They are excellent no matter what industry you are in and will help you offer value to your company. Let us dive in:

Must-Read Blogs For Entrepreneurs

Seth Godin’s Blog 

Seth is one of the most successful marketers of our time. He has worked for Yahoo as a vice president of marketing and as a consultant for a number of Fortune 500 firms. He is also the author of several books on marketing and innovation.  The blog of this entrepreneur and best-selling author is where you should be. Godin is a firm believer in writing frequently, openly, and truthfully. Every time you visit this site, you will receive practical guidance and concrete lessons on everything from empathy to measuring metrics that work. 

Take, for example, his permission marketing post. According to Seth, permission marketing is a privilege, not a right, for offering products that people genuinely need. The problem with today’s marketing is that it presumes that whatever algorithm you have for the customer is correct without ever approaching him and requesting his consent.

Furthermore, in today’s society, attention is one of the most valuable and rare resources, and it is both difficult to get and simple to lose. The purpose of permission marketing is to care about the customer, attract their attention, and keep it as a valued asset. Furthermore, having someone’s email address does not mean that you have their permission to send spam emails or that you have implemented disclosures and GDPR policies on your website.

Mixergy Blog

Mixergy is a platform where successful people educate others on how to learn and create on their own. It all started when Warner perfected the art of interviewing and, as a result, asked the right questions to the right people. He also discovered that people enjoy hearing about successful people’s lives, so he centered his business on it. Mixergy’s goal, according to Warner, is to provide an alternative to know-it-all gurus since, while no one knows everything, you can still benefit from other people’s experiences and skills, which they definitely possess.

Warner also emphasizes the need of every corporation or startup to have a goal or a clear vision, rather than simply selling a product or an idea. You must have a calling, a love for life, and a desire to succeed in addition to managing a business. Mixergy offers sections for interviews, courses, and collections; Warner has interviewed over 1,500 entrepreneurs over the years, including the founders of Groupon,  Pixar, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and others. Wales took part in a Wikipedia interview. He discusses how the best businesses run by MBAs are built by trial and error, with invention, creativity, and occasionally spontaneous leadership at the helm.

Consider a blog on product development and startup marketing. The blog section is chock-full of great interviews with famous and not-so-famous but extremely successful people. It is beneficial during the early phases of a startup’s development and growth. blog provides information and tools to help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the start-up process, from the business planning through launching and staffing. Over one million entrepreneurs have sought advice for the organization, and it now has over 25 million followers. Its professional guidance website offers hundreds of articles covering all aspects of the business. Instructional and aspiring materials are separated into two groups. 

Let’s see what they have to say about angel investors in one of their blogs. Before getting into the most minute details on how to find an angel investor, the blog opens with a description and definition of an angel investor, as well as a typical investment profile. They suggest asking family and friends first, then networking and pitching someone online, which is nothing new. The author then spends time outlining what a pitch is and how to prepare one, which ends up being a lot of extremely basic advice with no real-world experience. So, while the post was quite generic, possibly even for SEO purposes, you peruse the rest of the site to see if you can learn something new. 

Under30CEO blog

Under30Media is a New York-based business and entrepreneurship website that was founded in 2008. It is the umbrella brand for Under30CEO, Under30Finance, Under30Careers, and Under30Experiences, which Jared O’Toole and Matt Wilson founded. Other, larger media, such as Business Insider and Forbes, occasionally mention its original works.

Under30CEO is a news and trend media platform that provides tools and services for young entrepreneurs to flourish. Wilson and O’Toole, its founders, use their own experiences to provide instructional tools and advise other young entrepreneurs. Thanks to a membership, advertising, and consulting services income model, the site receives over 150,000 page views and 75,000 unique users per month.

Take, for example, a site blog dedicated to “leading Gen Y to stop doing things they despise.” Aside from that, there are interviews with entrepreneurs, start-up profiles, start-up guidance, and much more to read.

Both sides of the table blog

Mark Suster is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He’s started two businesses and has worked in various business environments, including successful startups and corporate failures. Suster’s blog deconstructs business jargon and entrepreneur principles such that even a novice may grasp them.

Take an example of the post “I Know Everybody Told You to Send Your Fundraising Decks as a Link. Here’s Why You Should Just Send the Deck.” this post explains that while it may appear clear that you should send it as a link, they argue that it is not an obvious decision. This post explains why.

Women on business blog

This award-winning blog brings together today’s male and female thinking leaders to debate current issues. Get marketing guidance, tool lists, and even recommendations on how to pick the perfect coworking location.

Take the blog “5 Essential Habits to Be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur,” for example. This post outlines all you need to know to be a successful female entrepreneur.

Copy blogger blog

When starting a business, it’s critical to position oneself as a thought leader in your area and develop a brand voice for your organization. Copy blogger teaches you how to accomplish both at the same time. Learn how to improve your writing skills blog and overcome your anxiety about sharing content with your audience.

Take an example of the post “ 10 Often Overlooked Website Mistakes that May Harm Your Business”. After a thorough investigation, one of the strange things the writer discovered was that many legitimate big firms have troublesome web hosting and domain strategies. With that in mind, this piece explains some of the worst sins to ensure you don’t make the same mistake.

All business blog

Hear what the experts have to say. From sales and marketing to finance and staffing, you will find a wide range of topics. Expect technical articles on non-bank lending as well as more inspiring essays on mindset shifts and overcoming mediocrity. “All Business” has something useful for you no matter what your business aim is.

Consider the example of the post “4 Ways to Protect Your Startup from Copycat Competitors”. This post enlists a few of the ideas or staying one step ahead of your competition and safeguarding your ideas in the long run. 

Entrepreneurial mind blog

Dr. Jeff Cornwall is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of The Entrepreneurial Mind, and an entrepreneurship professor at Belmont University. His site is chock-full of quick tips and helpful tidbits about the beginning and building a business.  Learn when to terminate a customer, when to change your business model, and why you should just launch sometimes.

Take an example of the blog “ Life’s a Pitch. Be Ready!” This post tells about the Jorgovan shares five pieces of advice to new Belmont entrepreneurs whom he advises and encourages as an alumnus.

The suitcase entrepreneur blog

Natalie Sisson, a New Zealand businesswoman, runs her company from all over the world. She is a TEDx speaker and the bestselling author of “The Suitcase Entrepreneur.” She dedicates her site to assisting entrepreneurs in identifying the habits, tools, routines, and mentality that will help them become more successful.

Take the post “Why Entrepreneurs Constantly Burn Out and How You Can Prevent It,” for example. Wyatt Jozwowski recounts his victories, disappointments, and hard-learned lessons from his journey to $100k in monthly recurring revenue in this post.

Final Words

Being an entrepreneur is a difficult task. However, the internet provides a virtually limitless number of resources to assist you in learning, honing your abilities, and expanding your business. I hope you get inspiration and encouragement from these entrepreneur blogs when you need it.

About the author:

Ravi is a digital entrepreneur who has a vision of helping businesses to increase their online presence through websites, mobile applications, and SEO. He is the Founder & CEO of Webomaze Pty Ltd, a one-stop digital agency based in Melbourne.


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