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Why Windows VPS Hosting India from Serverwala has become the prime choice amongst Online Businesses?

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Online businesses tend to rely on hosting servers that offer flexibility, scalability and, feasibility to host their websites efficiently. Shared server hosting is the popular choice when it comes to the cheapest hosting services. However, it does not provide much extensibility in accessing server resources and space freely. To overcome this drawback, business owners find VPS hosting India as a perfect option. 

The virtual private server hosting makes you get rid of the shared server’s limitations and have a hosting service at the most affordable cost as well. Furthermore, the shared server hosting also restricts you to choose the desired operating system as your website needs to run on the OS that your hosting provider offers. But, with the VPS, you can host your website on an operating system that is most suitable to it. The two most leading operating systems business owners employ with VPS hosting are Linux and Windows. In the following sections, you will get insights into why the Serverwala Windows VPS hosting India serves as the prime choice for numerous web businesses. Let us first begin with defining Windows VPS hosting.

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

The virtual private server is a part of the parent physical server. The hosting provider or company divides the physical server into various segments known as virtual private servers, by utilizing virtualization technology. Every VPS has its own operating system, resources, and functionality. They operate independently without sharing anything or interrupting each other’s activities. Therefore, unlike shared server hosting, your website on VPS India does not suffer due to the actions of other websites sharing the physical server with you. With the virtual private server, your web business can have the following privileges  – 

  • Your business websites get a private and secure hosting environment.
  • You can acquire as well as scale up the dedicated resources as and when required. 
  • You can run resource-intensive web applications. 
  • Your business website obtains a dedicated IP address that eliminates the risk of email delivery problems and enables you to establish a distinct identity of your business on the web. 
  • Your website acquires the maximum possible uptime with the high availability of resources. 
  • You can customize or configure your virtual private server as per your web business necessities. 

Furthermore, the VPS having Windows OS at its foundation is termed as Windows virtual private server. Running the Windows OS with the VPS has been highly beneficial for an extensive range of businesses. Peep into the next section to know the benefits of the Windows VPS hosting India. 

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How Serverwala’s Windows VPS Hosting India plans help Online Businesses grow?

Though Windows provides its own advantages for the hosting purpose, you need to seek the Windows VPS hosting India from the right hosting company. That is because, unless you get support from a reliable and renowned hosting company, you will not be able to employ your hosting server at the best of its capability. 

Here we can suggest you pick the Serverwala web hosting company without a second thought. It is one of the top-notch organizations worldwide and is highly recognized for providing the leading Windows VPS hosting India. Check out below the perks that come with the Serverwala VPS hosting services – 

  • 24/7/365 Technical and customer support
  • 99.99% Uptime assurance
  • Robust and resilient network connectivity
  • DDoS protection
  • Full root access
  • Secure connections with twenty times faster speed
  • Simple Licensing
  • intensified website performance

What do Customers say about Serverwala?

Customers’ feedback makes you get 100% sure of whether the hosting service you are thinking to opt for is worth your money or not. Thus, let us provide you here the customer review for the Serverwala Windows VPS hosting India – 

Mansi Dubey says It has been more than 2 years since I am taking the Serverwala services for Windows VPS hosting India. The company offers a wide array of the cheapest hosting plans with the possibility of upgrading them anytime when needed. Further, the company has amazed me with its round-the-clock technical support from highly skilled experts. My business website has been delivering optimal performance and a seamless end-user experience. This has led my online business to advance and generate higher revenue in the minimum time. 

Reasons Why Online Businesses in India must choose Windows VPS Hosting

Every website owner wants to attain swift and smooth growth of its online business. The Windows VPS hosting India makes it easily possible by rendering the below-mentioned advantages – 

  • With the right setup, Windows provides high-level security for your business website. Moreover, Windows, being a product of Microsoft Corporation, comes with an official mode for connecting Microsoft support agents. Therefore, you can expect highly reliable and prompt answers with the Windows VPS hosting India.   
  • Since a single company controls Windows development, you can discover several helpful tips, tutorials, and videos at one commonplace.
  • Your web business acquires huge support for the applications that cannot be efficiently operated on other platforms, like ASP Classic,, MySQL, C#, VB Development, Microsoft Access, etc.
  • India VPS hosting with Windows provides you with the Plesk control panel for hosting your business website with utmost ease. That is because Plesk renders the user-friendly interface.


The Serverwala has been the most influential web hosting company raising the standard of the hosting services every time. It renders everything required to host a web business successfully. Moreover, you can contact the highly responsive team of the company through the customer support service for resolving any doubts you have. Or, you can also visit the company’s informational website to grab details about its Windows VPS hosting India –


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