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Why customized rigid boxes are getting so popular? 8 solid reasons

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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It has become a decisive factor for value addition in the products to use a packaging solution like rigid boxes. They are made using thick cardboard rigid sheets that are not fluted inside. This sturdiness allows showing resistance against the factors like pressure applied and other harms. They are available in multiple designs and sizes as it is easy to customize them in the desired shapes. Additionally, the printing ability of this material makes them a perfect marketing tool as well. Brands avail the special custom options like embossing, foiling, hot foil stamping, and scoring to raise the aesthetics. Business owners are nowadays giving top priority to rigid boxes for the ultimate packaging solution of their products. Startups are specially considering it as a tool to make them popular in less time. So, a question arises here that why they are becoming so popular among businesses and the favorite of consumers at the same time. Here are 8 solid reasons to give the answers to all of your questions about this innovative packaging solution.

More variety and options

Brands are rapidly switching to this packaging solution because it offers them an opportunity to make their products stand out. These luxury boxes have widespread use in retail stores along with home deliveries for the eCommerce business. Brands foresee a huge competition in the retail stores and hence prefer using a packaging solution that could make their products look different from those of the competitors. They come in several designs that are attractive and unique at the same time. Moreover, the options like embellishment of coatings and lamination also enable brands to get the most out of it.

Safety of delicate products       

These rigid luxury boxes are massively used by businesses having online stores that ship products to the doorsteps of the consumers. They deal in several delicate and fragile products like cosmetics, baked dry foods, decoration pieces, and much more similar. Hence, they need a solution that could better protect their items from the possible harms during the shipping procedure. This rigid packaging solution is made with durable sheets of pressed cardboard, having strong resistance against the pressure applied during stacking. Moreover, they are cushioned from the inside. It further ensures the safety of products from the changing environmental conditions.

A classy and royal look

Consumers stay attached to a brand if they are having the best buying experience with their purchases. It is all about the first impression that a luxurious packaging design can put over the consumers. One vital reason behind the popularity of these luxury wholesale boxes is their ability to inspire consumers this way. A royal look is achieved by using the colors intelligently and playing with the unboxing phenomenon. Black color always represents the class of products and conveys a feeling that products sheathed inside are from a quality focusing brand.

The best option for expensive products 

Businesses usually have to set the prices high for their products to maintain the quality. Reducing the prices may result in a compromised end product that can harm the repute of brands. Meantime, some people feel hesitant to buy costly products. These rigid wholesale boxes are becoming popular among businesses because they rightly justify the high prices of the products. The premium-quality printing and material used for production provoke them to spend even higher. Hence, they do not perceive it as a waste of money.

Add value to the products

A product presented in an ordinary box does not catch the attention of consumers. It does not matter that how good quality products are sheathed inside that box. They will stay unnoticed until a value is added to them. These luxury boxes are quite effective to ensure this value addition. It is made possible by opting for the proper cushioning for the product presentation. These inserts are made of cardboard material or soft foam that also ensures the safety of items while raising their aesthetics. People engage more with the products in retail stores, and it is the reason every firm is trying to opt for this packaging solution

Green packaging solution

Business owners always give preference to a packaging type that has some sort of competitive edge over other types. These rigid luxury boxes are superior to other types in a way that they are completely environment friendly. There is no involvement of the hazardous plastic materials in them that makes them safe for nature. Additionally, the food products primarily stay uncontaminated because of this. Retailers always promote the products that have such traits linked with them. Additionally, the firms also have to spend less over the box.

Perfect for printing purposes

A fine packaging type can benefit the brands in enjoying the marketing purposes as well. They get a design with printed information about their products and brand. Luxury wholesale boxes are made using the cardboard material that is considered the best substrate for printing purposes. Display of the logo, manufacturing date, table of content, and other brand elements aids them in branding of the business. Additionally, the packaging firms use advanced printing technologies that provide premium quality print results.

Offers extreme customization

These rigid wholesale boxes are made according to the demand and desire of the businesses. Such a customized packaging solution is preferred by firms because of such traits that could perfectly fulfill their needs. Some creative custom options that they can avail of are die-cutting, embossing, gluing, scoring, perforation, and other such relevant features. Such customization provides a huge benefit of attracting customers and getting massive sales volumes. Event-specific designs are also provided by the firms that help businesses win the maximum market share. It is clear to understand the reason behind so much popularity of rigid boxes by the benefits mentioned above them. Business owners are giving them the foremost priority as they get so many benefits by spending less money. This phenomenon helps them grow their business in a short time while staying within the budget.


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