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Where to Invest? Blue World City or Kingdom Valley

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The boom in the property sector of Pakistan has led to the construction of several housing societies. These housing societies promise a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Blue world city and kingdom valley are two of Pakistan’s most prominent housing societies. Both the housing societies match each other in excellence, so investors often get confused when choosing between the two. Here are some details about both the housing societies to help you choose between both the societies.

Blue World City 

The blue world city is a housing society located in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. The Blue world city has become famous for its prime locality. The housing society has four accesses and is hence can be easily reached from all areas of the city. The Blue world city is near the famous motorway, the Rawalpindi ring road. This motorway holds immense importance as it will help promote trade between both cities. This motorway will help develop the area and increase plots’ value in the Blue World City. Due to its prime location, Blue World City has attracted many investors and buyers. Blue world city is a project designed and constructed by the Blue Group of Companies Saad Nazir founded. This real estate company has constructed several remarkable projects in cities across Pakistan and has managed to make a mark in the country’s real estate sector. Blue group of companies now stands as one of Pakistan’s largest real estate development companies, with over 300 employees. To ensure that nothing but the best is provided to the residents, Blue Group of companies has signed a contract with Shah Jian engineering company, an engineering company in China. This company is among the most well-known engineering companies in China and is said to be a master at this job. The best part about this housing society is that the authorities have approved it. It has been granted a NOC, a no-objection certificate, and is thus a safe place for investment.

Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley is a project made under the Naya Pakistan initiative launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Kingdom Valley is constructed on the Chakri interchange at the M2 motorway. It looks near the Rawalpindi Cadet college and the New Islamabad International airport. Like Blue world city, Kingdom Valley is also located near the Rawalpindi Ring Road and has significantly benefited from its construction. The construction of the Rawalpindi Ring Road has resulted in an increase in the prices of plots in Kingdom Valley, and a future increase is also expected in the future. Kingdom Valley is developed by the Kingdom group, one of Pakistan’s most prominent real estate companies. Through their futuristic approach, Kingdom Group has promoted growth in the real estate sector of Pakistan.

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Like the Blue world city, Kingdom Valley has been granted a NOC by the authorities and stands as a legal housing society. This has helped increase investors’ confidence and has resulted in an increase in demand. In order to make the plots more affordable, Kingdom valley has offered several installment programs. The installment programs allow buyers to break up the amount and pay it in monthly installments. These programs make payment easier and more convenient for the buyers and allow people living on nominal incomes to afford their own house finally.

Furthermore, Kingdom valley has the excellent infrastructure and a well-planned infrastructure. The housing society has both residential and commercial plots of different sizes. Along with the provision of all the essential utilities, including water, gas, and electricity, Kingdom valley has several recreational areas. It has a shopping mall, a fitness center, a swimming pool, and several restaurants, all located within the society.


Both of these housing societies have extraordinary facilities and provide a luxurious standard of living. Both these societies have done reasonably well commercially and have attracted many investors and buyers. Before you decide to invest in any of these housing societies, it is imperative that you do your research. You should also invest in Nova city.


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