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What to burn in a fire pit without smoke

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When it comes to fire pits, no one wants to end up in the pits. It’s important to take the necessary precautions in making sure that your guests are comfortable and all your hard work isn’t wasted by burning out instead of banqueting. One way you can easily keep your visitors happy is by taking necessary steps beforehand to reduce how much smoke there is coming from the pit. By creating a small space for warm air to collect, you can circulate fresher air into the room and ultimately avoid any type of uncomfortable-smelling situations!

What to burn in a fire pit without smoke

Here we will share some simple ways and material which helps to reduce the smoke in the fire pit.

Choose right wood

We have discussed the best materials to burn in your fire pit, and you should now be able to distinguish between some of the hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods make for great fuel because they are typically much denser than softwoods, which means that they burn longer and reach higher temperatures. Some common hardwood options include apricot, ash, balsa, hickory (pecan), magnolia tree (cottonwood), maple, mulberry tree (paper birch), oak (red), palm tree (ironbark), and walnut.

Hardwoods should be used over softwoods because they create better heat and last longer. Softwoods are not the best burners because they contain a lot of sap and have a greater amount of space between the fibers than hardwoods do. These factors are great for holding in smoke but mean that the fire burns out quickly. It’s also possible to go through softwood very quickly- meaning you have to buy a lot more, which is bad for your budget!

When selecting wood for your fire pit, make sure to look out for pieces of wood that have been cleaned and dried. In order for the wood to be considered ‘ready to burn’, two things have to happen. First, the piece of wood needs to have been cut down from a living tree and roughly split into smaller pieces/kindling using an ax or saw. The second step is the drying process which happens by cutting off branches from each end and leaving the piece of wood raised on top of something like a sawhorse to expose as much surface area as possible for airflow. So select only logs about a finger’s width in diameter and place them on some kind of rack, so they’re standing upright with at least 12″ exposed above ground level.

Should you use greenwood in the fire pit?


Greenwood refers to that which is not dried perfectly. It contains too much moisture, making it damp and less likely to be dry than dry wood or cut wood that has been properly air-dried. Greenwood smolders more than burns, producing a large amount of smoke which can be harmful to people with asthma or allergies. The water in greenwood requires more energy to heat up enough to burn effectively.

If you want to burn green wood, follow these tips to reduce smoke.

Burning green wood can be a challenge, where we come in to help you. We have what we call the 5 F’s. First, you need to make sure that the place you are burning is within your legal rights; check places like local county and homeowners association rules for more information on this. Secondly, cut your wood into small pieces about 2 inches (5 cm.) long; mix these with dry kindling. All this should be done outside because the moisture needs to escape before anything else happens.

Once the fuel has been stacked in a way that leaves enough room for airflow to reach anything it encounters, step away from the fire pit until most of the smoke and popping sounds have died down. Continue doing this periodically until most of the pieces have caught fire and there is just glowing embers remaining, but don’t let them fall out of control at any time or risk engulfing everything around you!

Use smokeless fire pit.

Smokeless fire pit kits are much safer than their traditional counterparts. They’re ideal for use in an urban apartment balcony because it doesn’t require a large yard to put together. Many people choose smokeless fire pit kits when they don’t have access to parks and other public spaces where fires can be set up. You can buy smoke free fire pit from Go fire pit.

Smoke-free fire pits are the best solution for all those times when you still want to gather around an open flame. They allow even novice fire pit users to ensure that they create a beautiful ambiance without emitting noxious fumes or unhealthy ash like the traditional variety. Best of all, smoke-free fire pits are extremely easy and inexpensive to use, meaning you’ll never have to feel bad about not fully progressing with your dreams of starting your own business simply because you don’t have enough time on your hands! Now there is no longer any excuse!

Causes of smoke

Wood is made up of four basic ingredients: Water, Volatile organic compounds, Carbon, and Ash. All of these, without exception, will combust together when warm/hot and exposed to oxygen in the air around us. When wood comes into contact with oxygen during a fire, three products are produced: water vapor, carbon dioxide, and smoke which contains ash – all of which are gases that we cannot see but are definitely affected by our visual senses. So if you see smoke rising from an open fireplace or piece of burning wood outside, it’s safe to assume that these are the products being expelled from combustion during a fire.

Final words

Smoke is harmful to one’s health as well as an eyesore, so it’s essential to find a solution for your smoke problems when you’re enjoying your fire pit. Here we discussed some great recommendations and suggestions for fire pits that produce less smoke than others and might even be more attractive additions.


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