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What Is Thermal Pest Control, and How Does it Benefit You?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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When dealing with pest infestation, like bed bugs, there are several options you can choose to eliminate the problem. One such option is thermal pest control. This is an eco-friendly process using high temperatures to exterminate pests effectively. As the process requires heat instead of pesticides, the method is safe for people with young children, pets, or people who are sensitive to certain chemicals. Contact Stride Pest Control today to know about thermal pest control.

What is thermal pest control, and how does it benefit you?

Heat treatment (also known as thermal pest control) is one of the best processes to eliminate bed bugs. There are different forms of heat treatment that depend on the size and place of infestation—examples like household washers, heating devices like steamers, and heat chambers. 

Professionals use the full room heating treatment as a solution for pest infestations. The procedure involves heating a structure gradually to high temperatures enough to kill the bugs and insects that have invaded the area.  

Bed bugs usually die when the temperature reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Their eggs are resilient and require 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes. Other bugs can also be eliminated using the heat method, which includes mites (130 degrees Fahrenheit), fleas (95 Degrees Fahrenheit), and carpet beetles (120 degrees Fahrenheit).

Why is thermal pest control beneficial to traditional pest control?

  • Time

The preparation time for thermal pest control is significantly less than that for traditional pest extermination. Before doing the thermal pest control, ensure you unplug electronics, clean up the clutter and remove heat-sensitive items after inspecting. Keep your mattresses and furniture in their place.

  • Efficiency

Thermal treatment has the advantage over other methods like cryo and pesticides: the process only takes one visit.

Pesticides and other treatment methods require a second visit to kill any bug that may have hatched after the first treatment. 

On the other hand, thermal treatment can eliminate bugs at all life stages, including eggs, so it does not need any second round of treatment.

  • Eco-friendly and safety

Heat treatment does not require any chemical like pest control. For those concerned with the materials introduced to people with health problems regarding the chemicals in pesticides, the thermal heating process can be an effective solution.

Thermal pest control can be effective and can eliminate pest problems right after the first visit, and also it does not require any use of pesticides.


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