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What is the Course Period of Interior Designing?

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Interior Design is an essential part of our life that affects how we live, work, interact and play. It’s all about how we experience spaces. An Interior Designer conceptualizes and designs the indoor space such that it is not only optimally utilized, but also is functional and stylish. Interior designing involves understanding the client’s requirements along with budget and accordingly work with colours, furnishings, fixtures, decorations, lighting etc. to offer an apt solution. Not only aesthetics, but he may even be required to make architectural improvements in the internal spaces. 

Interior Design services cover wide spectrum ranging from Interior Design to furniture, furnishings, commercial & retail styling, hospitality space designing and Styling, light fixtures etc. 

Scope in Interior Design:

  • Estimated home interiors and renovation market in India is between USD 20 Billion- USD 30 Billion.
  • The interior design services market has the potential to grow by USD 24.13 billion at CAGR of 4.02% during 2021-2025.
  • 35% of the market’s growth will come from APAC (key markets being China, Japan, and India). 

Interior Designing is a prosperous industry with immense opportunities in India as well as abroad. Following are few of the diverse job profiles that exist in the market for Interior Design professionals:

    • Interior Designer: Conceptualizes ideas and designs to enhance the looks as well as better utility of the available space.
    • Researcher: He researches for new materials and designs that are sustainable, effective and economical. 
    • Product Designer: Various companies employ product designer to conceptualize marketable and profitable designs for various products. He is also responsible for the user experience of a product.
    • Teacher: They will be responsible for shaping the career of future interior designing professionals while teaching at various design colleges.
    • Design Journalist: They can be the influencers writing for various magazines and/or websites. They research and write articles related to various design topics.
    • Furniture Designer: They design both interior and exterior furniture/furnishings like couch, chairs, tables, outdoor furniture, tapestry etc. keeping in mind the functionality and the trend. 
    • Exhibition Designer: They have to design the stalls for the participants of the exhibition basis the ethos of the organization and the product.
  • Set designer: They are responsible to bring alive the vision of the film/TV writer and director.


Interior Design courses in Bangalore:

There are various colleges teaching Interior Design courses in Bangalore. The undergraduate course period ranges from 1 year (short term courses) to 4 year (full blown courses) and then there are 2 year post graduation courses as well. To understand the various aspects and to enhance opportunities, one should go for long term courses. However while applying for Interior Design courses in Bangalore, one should keep in mind the following:

    1. Holistic perspective of Interior Designing and Styling is shared with students. Besides fundamentals, this could include an understanding of environmental as well as health effect of the material being used or reused, impact of colours, ergonomics and designs on human psyche etc. 
    2. The course must offer specializations such as Adaptive Reuse, Furniture Design, Built Heritage and Parametric Design.
    3. Up-to-date knowledge about technical aspects and cutting edge softwares
    4. Master classes with industry experts and stalwarts 
    5. Strong portfolio via participations in various national and international competitions
    6. Active international exchange program
    7. Faculty involved in researching and presenting papers in National and International Design conferences.
    8. Students should have won National and International awards.
  • Internship and placement program that is much sought after by many reputed companies. 



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