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What is the meaning of GG?

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Are you new to the gaming world and someone messaged you GG and now you are wondering what Does GG mean? Is it something bad or anything?

Don’t worry! you are at the right destination as We are here to clear the air for you.

So, without making you more impatient and curious, let’s know what GG denotes?

What does GG denote?

GG is an acronym or day abbreviation that simply means “Good Game“. Players use this acronym as a good and proper closing after a great match played with game mates. It is considered gaming etiquette in the gaming community.

If we talk about its Origin, it is not something that has commenced just, the practice of greeting GG at the end of the match has started in the late 90′ and early 2000s. As online multiplayer games such as Starcraft and Quake started to gain recognition and popularity, the internet and gaming language also commenced evolving.

Apart from this, Players also use another acronym resonating with GG which is GGWP. You must be wondering, Now what does GGWP mean?

What does GGWP stand for?

GGWP stands for Good Game, Well played which is also a popular acronym used by online multiplayer all across the world to greet and thank the teammates or opponents after an engaging and worthy match.

We believe now you have cleared up what GG means and what GGWP means.

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