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What are the Tips on Writing an Effective Essay?

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Knowing how to write an effective essay is a skillful task that you can use throughout your life. This ability to learn and organize ideas used in writing an essay will help you write company memos, letters, marketing materials, etc. As long as you discover the basics writing process, you should be well–equipped to write my essay for me.

Tips on Writing an Effective Essay are:

  • Decide what type of Essay It Is

Various types of essays you might be asked to write in your school or college career. Some of them are narrative, argumentative, comparative, literary, informative, and expository. If you are presenting the story about some topic or presenting an analysis, you should be able to write in that way and convince your reader. Deciding the type of essay is the first step in writing a targeted essay. 

  • Create an Outline

An essay outline is the road map, and it will guide you from start to end. When you create an outline, you are collecting your thoughts about the topic. Firstly you should write the topic at the top of the page then present all the points of discussion you want to make in the essay. Also, gather all the data, facts, stats, and arguments to support those points. From writing the main ideas, leave some space under each one so you can write when there is a small idea that comes into your mind. 

  • Develop Thesis Statement

It would help if you wrote your essay to inform your reader what point you will be making and what question you are answering about the topic. A thesis should be written in a specific way and address one main idea. The strong point of view makes a stand or illustrates the controversial nature of the topic. 

  • Select the Topic

The first part of your essay will introduce informative essay topics and provide a map about writing an entire essay. The introduction should discuss the primary idea, what the essay is about, and then present the thesis and arguments that support the thesis. 

You can write an introduction in a way that grabs the reader’s attention that gives clarity. To capture the reader’s attention, you should create a challenging claim about the topic or provide some facts that surprise the readers. 

  • Write the Main Body 

The body of the essay contains explanations, describes and presents arguments about your topic. Each idea you write in your diagram or outline will become a separate section in the essay’s body. Each body has the same structure. Start your writing with main ideas as an introductory sentence, and next, write each of your ideas in conviction. But leave some 3 to 4 lines gaps to give detailed examples to present authentically.  


The conclusion summarizes the essay and gives closure. You should concisely write your thesis and reiterate your thesis and review the body of the essay. Ensure not to use the exact words exactly and should describe your opinion briefly. Your conclusion should uphold the main idea clearly and compellingly.



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