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What Are the Marketing Trends to Follow in 2022?

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Marketing professionals must stay ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving global marketplace. Marketers must understand the needs of their target audience and anticipate their future wants. In addition, recent events and technology developments keep marketers watching for the next great strategy. With that in mind, consider the marketing trends to follow in 2022 for stellar branding and profitability.

Short Video and Social Media Content for Mobile Users

Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach a broad target audience. In 2022, marketers should shorten video and social media content to bite-sized offerings for mobile users. Consumers accessing content on mobile devices search and act quickly. Professionals such as those at UpSwell help small businesses grow through the intelligent use of social media for marketing and branding. Keeping the content short and powerful is critical to encourage mobile users to take action now rather than surfing away to competitors. In addition, brief content improves the user experience by instantly providing what searchers want, which enhances SEO efforts.

Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay

Once a trend, in 2022, influencer marketing has become a commonplace strategy. When influencers started taking over on social media and creating trafficked blogs, leading brands soon discovered the benefit of getting their attention. Now influencer marketing is a valid marketing strategy that’s incorporated into any company’s promotional plans. Businesses of all sizes benefit from connecting with an influencer who appeals to their target audience and appreciates their offerings. 

Focus on Content Alignment

In 2022, marketers should focus on content alignment for a consistent voice in all communications. Branding begins when a company’s content is consistent and professional on everything from websites and blogs to printed materials and signs. Marketers should refine content to be authoritative, informative, and to resonate with the company’s target market. Consistency helps consumers know what to expect from businesses and remember specific products or services.

More Listeners of Branded Audio Content

Branded content is also here to stay in 2022, and more listeners want audio content to hear on their way to work or while doing other things. While video content is essential, audio content continues to be a viable way to reach consumers. Creating audio and video content is a top priority for marketers to attract more traffic to a company’s website and social media accounts. From informational presentations to podcasts, explore various audio options to reach out to customers.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for Progressive Consumers

Finally, technology is constantly evolving, changing how marketers present campaigns. First, the written content was king a decade ago, then audio and video content became increasingly important to get companies noticed. Next, blogging, social media sharing, and other strategies came on the scene, and marketers had to keep up with the changes. Today virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are changing how companies present their products and services to consumers. Innovative marketers explore these options in 2022 to help companies boost their bottom line.

Marketing is constantly changing based on consumers’ evolving needs and global conditions, which means staying ahead of these changes is crucial. Following the marketing trends for 2022 helps companies stay ahead of the competition by giving their target audience what they want and need today and in the future. 


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