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Top reasons why London is the best place to study music

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London is not just dedicated to prestigious contemporary music institutions, but it is also unquestionably one of the world’s most important music hubs. All through the centuries, the region has been home to several of the world’s finest renowned music companies.

Even big companies that didn’t start in London, including Warner Brothers Records, Sony, Grammy, and Universal Music Group, nowadays have administrative headquarters in the city and seem perfectly at ease. Music learners graduating from music colleges in London have a genuine feeling of artistic legacy that you can’t receive anywhere in any place, thanks to the fact that London is home to several significant music institutions. It’s reasonable to believe you’re at the heart of the worldwide music industry, and you’d be correct!

  • Diversity: It is a massive metropolis that draws millions of citizens from all over the globe to upgrade their lifestyles and register in the top educational institutions. You may communicate with people of various faiths, ethnicities, cultures, political ideas, and so on. Discovering marketplaces that are exclusive to distinct communities and individuals can help define diversification. Participants enrolling in various language programs in London are subjected to a multitude of ethnicities, broadening their horizons and providing a thorough knowledge of the many views with which people identify.
  • No language barrier: in London, there are no linguistic barriers. Because English is the primary language and is recognized by 98 percent of the inhabitants, learning a different language to converse with the people is unnecessary. It might be stressful to attend university when there is a communication gap.
  • It is Europe’s musical capital: London was crowned Europe’s musical metropolis in research by concert platform Songkick, with a total of 19,940 performances in 2017 – more than almost any other city in Europe. London ended in third spot overall, trailing only second-placed Los Angeles (20,843 performances) and first-placed New York (28,529).
  • Convenient transportation: A world-class transit and subway system connects the metropolis and villages. Traveling into Berlin or even Paris is as simple as boarding a train. When visiting the UK, taking the metro or rail is a cost-effective and easy way to get about.
  • It’s a center for the worldwide music industry: Whenever it pertains to the music industry’s decision-makers, they’re all based in London, eager to capitalize on a flourishing business that generated £5.8 billion to the UK’s treasury in 2019, according to a report by UK Music’s Music By Numbers 2020 Report.
  • Food: London is entitled to everything from nearly century-old traditional eateries to the newest international cuisine innovations. When it relates to nutrition, it has a pocket of variation as it has long embraced innovation and heritage. Some eateries cater to various cultural traditions.

So, if you’re thinking about enrolling in a music school in London, you should be aware of all the above prior to embarking on this journey. It’s a fantastic location to learn and experience the world from a different perspective.


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