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Tips For Keeping Your Business Secure

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Starting a business is no easy job. You have to consider many factors, and much risk-taking is involved. And when you do successfully manage to start a business, maintaining it is a tough job. You have to grow your market, build connections with other businesses, look for a way to increase sales, eliminate cyber threats by strengthening network security, address physical and cyber issues, and ensure that all the data you store, share, and receive is kept safely. One of the most used techniques nowadays is using a cloud server backup. Doing so will prevent your company from complete data loss.

Use a cloud server backup.

Preventing total data loss is preventing your company from falling apart. Not being able to have another copy of an important file is enough to break business relationships and trust. It may sound exaggerated, but that’s the reality. Most companies today have backups for their data so they have another copy they can use in case a file issue arises. A cloud server backup is a service that provides the users with a duplicate copy of their data. Whatever data they input, it gets mirrored. Another advantage of this is that the data you place can be updated. They can read new versions of the same file. So if you add or edit information from a file, their copy would be updated.

Identifying and preparing for threats 

The company must identify the possible threats there are in the future. Anticipating will allow you to prepare and counter these threats. Some examples of these threats are viruses, hacking, cyber theft, and malware.

How to prepare for threats like these?

Make your wifi passwords secure

Make sure that no unauthorized persons can enter your network using a secure wifi password. Hackers can try different combinations to guess your wifi password. So to increase the permutation, they have to make your wifi password as complex as possible. 

To make your password complex use a combination of different cases, numbers, and symbols. Do not try using passwords that you think hackers will not think of, like “password,” “1q2w3e”, “qwerty,” or “12345”. You may think that hackers will not try that because everyone knows these passwords are easy to guess, but they will. The ones mentioned are always on the list of the combinations hackers use. 

One of the most underrated precautions regarding wifi passwords is never to reuse passwords. You may reuse a password to be easier to remember, but doing so will only increase the risk. If the hacker does guess your password, all other accounts or devices with the same password would also be hacked. You are making it easier for the hacker. 

Lastly, make your password as long as possible. Doing this will increase the time a hacker spends hacking your network and the complexity of the combinations.


Make sure that you install and update your antivirus. Updating your antivirus means they can also identify new malware, making it more secure. You can use a lot of different antiviruses just to make sure, but that will slow down your computer. So if you do that, ensure your computer can handle it. However, you would want to have one active protection from one antivirus.  

Avoid public WiFi 

Hackers set up fake access points in public. They can see your digital footprints and passwords if you connect or accidentally connect to them. Aside from being careful which wifi to connect to, disable the feature in your device that automatically connects to the closest wifi to avoid the said situation.


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