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Things You Must Do Before Moving to a New House

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Whether it is your first home, moving to a new house is exciting. You get to start over with a clean canvas of home and your life. Staying at one place for a very long period had taken its toll on you, and now you have finally moved to a neighborhood which you have always wanted to have. You can’t wait to do all the fun things in your new home. You can decorate the back deck with Christmas lights, or if you can get a lighting system of your own choice installed in the master bath oasis. But before you move into your piece of heaven, it is important to check for a few things so that you are sure this new heaven does not pose any danger your health or your family’s. THE BEST REVIEWED TOWSON MD HOME INSPECTORS ensure your ultimate satisfaction and confidence to inspect your home for your safety. This article discusses five things you must do before moving into a new house for ensuring your well-being and safety.

1. Change the Locks

Whether you are moving into a newly built house, or a home which was constructed twenty years back, it is important to get all locks replaced. It does not matter if your new sanctuary is your own property or you have rented it. You must get all the locks changed because there is no possible way of knowing how many spare keys of these locks exist. It is quite possible that the subcontractors or properly dealers have spare keys of your new home, and that can lead to a mishap in the future. To ensure your safety, we recommend rekeying or changing the locks. By doing so, you will make all existing keys useless, and remain protected against possible break-ins.

2. Check the Plumbing & HVAC

Although the subcontractor or the contractor has made sure that each plumbing is in the best of its state, heating and cooling systems function optimally, yet taking another look won’t hurt anyone. So, before you are making your big move and shifting to a new place, go ahead and take a look at every facility in the house. Run the sinks, bathtub taps, and showerheads, and flush all of the toilets to make sure that you won’t be requiring a plumber the day you move to your new house. Also, you would want to check the water meter for a couple of hours without using any water. This is to make sure that the tank does not have any leaks.

While checking thoroughly, it is important to turn on the heating and cooling system one after the other. This will provide you peace of mind as you would not need an electrician to fix your heating system right when you need it badly. While checking out the cooling system, remember to change out old air filters (including the one over the stove).

3. Asbestos, Lead and Radon testing

Whether you are moving into a newly built home or decades old built home, it is important to get the building tested for containing lead, asbestos and radon. In the past, was a widely used construction material. Being highly toxic in nature, it is critical to hire asbestos consultants which can ensure that a building is safe for living.

4. Clean Out the Dryer Vent

When a dryer vent keeps accumulating lint, it may get clogged and also become a fire hazard. Other than this a clogged dryer vent reduces the efficiency of your machine, making it to remain operational for a longer period of time, which increases your utility bills consequently. You can get rid of the accumulated dirt by getting an easy-to-use drill attachment hardware store near you.

5. Replace Toilet Seats

This one needs no elaboration. It’s, of course, something you would want to do before moving to a new place, as prior to your, another family has been residing there. Other than being a thing to be grossed out, replacing a toilet seat is done for the sake of hygiene and health. While, replacing a toilet entirely is bit too much of a task but getting new covers is easy, inexpensive and simple. Spend a few bucks and you are good to go.

6. Check for Pests

Although it is not a grave concern of the modern times, yet you need to keep an eye for that because there can still be rodents and bed bugs in a previously owned home. Before you start moving furniture in, look out for any pests. Getting rid of pests in an empty building is easier. It is simply impossible and far too big of a hassle to deal with after you have made your move.

Final Words

Acc Env is a reliable facility to ensure safe indoor environment. With an access to the right tools and trainings, our qualified and experienced indoor air quality consultant and asbestos consultants help you make a building safe for living. To get an appointment, pick up the phone and talk to our representative.


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