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For several years now we have been hearing talk of a ” collapse in consumption “. There are those who also use the term ” unhappy degrowth “. In general, the collapse in consumption caused by the profound economic crisis which, in waves, has hit almost the whole world (with the exception of emerging countries, characterized by very aggressive economies), has caused a constant and unstoppable reduction in purchases by consumers . We all noticed.

This reduction seems to hit practically every category of services and products and therefore, basically, no company or business can be considered immune .

So how to counter the collapse in consumption and keep your company afloat in the tumultuous sea of ​​new markets? According to the latest statistics, the internet is the key tool that can make a difference for practically every business category: from basic necessities to clothes, from furniture and furnishings to new technologies.

Simplifying as much as possible, we can argue that internet and digital marketing today represent the main tools to be used to obtain an increase in earnings, customers and popularity .

Let’s take a practical example: the classic furniture showroom which, over the course of years of experience, has built its image on setting up wonderful shop windows, once had to simply wait for potential customers to cross the threshold of the store. Today, this kind of limited and short-sighted marketing approach can prove extremely detrimental to maintaining a healthy and thriving business. In this sense, Digital Marketing allows a synergy of promotional actions with the support of various channels and media, strategies and techniques, in the face of concentrated and even relatively limited investments, capable of leading to unexpected results .

Certainly, digital marketing and, in general, promotion on the web should not be considered tools that anyone can use with skill: just as the master furniture maker is an expert in the creation of the best furnishing elements, so are digital strategists. marketing are able to formulate tailor-made solutions to improve the business of any type of company. Basically, to make the most of their client’s investment.

Even a furniture showroom , therefore, is part of the group of companies that can be successfully promoted on the network, now a global marketplace where purchases are evaluated, thought, decided and, sometimes, even made . Why gamble with the possibility of targeting potential users on a platform that is now impossible to ignore?

How to promote a furniture store: internet and special offers

Internet and special offers : we can simplify in four words one of the most used strategies to promote geo-localized and locally rooted businesses such as, for example, interior design companies .

The latest research indicates that the entire small distribution is now aiming at an almost complete digitalization of its offers , with the primary purpose of stemming the crisis and reversing as much as possible the course of the collapse in consumption. If people no longer spend as they used to, let’s give them the tools to spend in a new way : this could be the mantra that drives new digital marketing strategies.

This type of approach has already affected the large-scale retail trade (large-scale retail trade) for some time, but it now also affects medium and small retailers . This is a real revolution that started showing fangs and claws as early as 2013, when over 24% more online stores were registered than two years earlier.

Small traders, artisans, entrepreneurs, who could hardly counter the “firepower” of large generalist hypermarkets (their numbers were and remain impressive, but let’s see those of 2013: 12 billion advertising brochures published, 1 billion euros of investments in traditional advertising), have begun to move en masse on the network . Here, in the meantime, the wave of the so -called info-commerce (the planning of shopping through the online comparison of the prices of the various products) had reached the monumental percentage of 94%.

Digital marketing , a specific branch of traditional marketing oriented towards all promotional activities on the network, offers a range of possibilities that are still in the process of evolution. The results can be incredibly encouraging , even for activities such as those of furniture and interior design, traditionally linked to promotion “in the traditional way”.

The digitization of small businesses now seems unstoppable, above all thanks to the reduction of costs and the optimization of the budgets allowed by digital communication activities. Not only that: the expertise of many digital marketing agencies now makes it possible to identify specific targets of potential customers who, otherwise, would be almost impossible to find and reach.

Identify your market niche on digital platforms , carve out spaces and precise characteristics that make the brand identity clear and understandable for potential customers, communicate with the public in a new and performing way, and design synergistic solutions to promote your business on networks are now an essential must for any type of business. The support of expert consultants in web promotion will make it possible to optimize the budget and lead to the rebirth of the business in a new way, oriented to the trends of the new millennium .


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