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The Subconscious Effects of Scents On Your Daily Life

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Take a deep breath. What do you smell? Is the air that surrounds you light and fresh and pleasant, or heavy and thick and unsatisfying?

You inhale scents all day long, but you may not realize how much the scents and aromas around you can affect your mood. They do, more than you know. The effects of scents on human emotions have been proven through carefully designed studies.

If you find yourself down in the dumps, you may be surprised to learn that surrounding yourself with pleasing, happy scents can make you feel much better. Read on to learn more about the effects of scents on the human mind.

How Scents Work on the Brain

Many people don’t give much thought to their sense of smell. Every type of creature on earth has one or two of the five senses that are dominant within them; for humans, our most dominant sense is sight. Some animals depend most on their hearing, and others on their sense of smell. Because we don’t use our sense of smell to protect ourselves from danger, it tends to be a sense we humans sometimes almost ignore.

However, our sense of smell is good for a lot of things. It helps us to enjoy the good foods that we eat, and it can help us avoid places that are unclean or foods that have gone bad – either of which could make us sick. Our sense of smell can alert us to danger like a fire or a gas leak, too. But beyond these sorts of things, many of us don’t give our sense of smell much thought.

Despite this, our sense of smell is much better than we might think, and we should use it more often to enhance our moods. When we smell something, the scent molecules travel through our noses and connect with sensory cells. Those cells then send messages to the brain that help us to determine what it is we are smelling. Then the brain decides if the smell is a positive or negative one.

Effects of Scents: Positive and Negative

Although there are scents out there that almost everyone likes, the categorization of a smell as a positive or negative one can be very personal. Perhaps a certain flower reminds one person of a beloved grandmother’s perfume, while it reminds another person of a very traumatic funeral that he or she attended. Because of these differences, everyone experiences each smell differently.

If you wish to use scents to improve your mood on a daily basis, one way to do that is by using them with a scent diffuser, like those offered by Once you have determined some scents that you enjoy, that offer you positive feelings or bring back positive memories, this is a great way to enjoy scents throughout the day, wherever you spend your time.

As the scents are diffused into the air, the effects of scents will lighten your mood and brighten your day. After a while, you won’t even think much about it, but you may notice that you are in a better mood all the time.

Try Scents for Mood Enhancement Today

The power of scents is truly amazing. Give it a try! You’ll be amazed at the effects of scents in your life, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start this simple practice sooner. Scents and aromas can make a big difference in your life and can help you to be happier every day.

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