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The Fine Art of Upcycling Furniture: Upholstery History

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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With all the high-quality upholstery fabric in the market, lots of options are available to choose from to create your very own masterpiece at home. But have you ever wondered when it started and how the upholstering business started? Where it begins, and how did it become a huge business? What makes them think of building their business?

Upholstery has been part of a history filled with knowledge that has been built. With each improvement of this craft, a lot of artistic designs emerged. They progress to match their customer’s taste and comfortability. Improvements have been happening in the upholstery business even in modern times.

Cushions for your Comfort

cushions for your comfort

Upholsterers first started in ancient Egypt, which they nailed dressed leather on a framework. They also used animal skins as another option. It might be the first glimpse of upholstery furniture fabrics. And it was developed to create things like cushions and other things, with materials like goose down or even horsehair inside.

In medieval ages, upholsterers made use of fabrics to create mattresses and even hangings. Beds in the 17th century were covered using a lot of fabrics together with ornate trimmings. As time passed, these kinds of beddings started to lost their grandeur. It opened an opportunity for new varieties of upholstering, wherein velvet, silks and needlework became a part of the era of upholstery furniture fabrics.

The upholstery business became popular around the Elizabethan era. In which furniture makers provide comfortable seats for multiple people, as per commission. These seats were upholstered with upholstery furniture fabrics that were popular. These fabrics also made a lot of improvement since the upholsteries were created.

As time went by, upholstered chairs started having a lot of innovations. One of these innovations is having cushions turn into the seats of the upholstery. The 18th century became its shining period. It became a vast trade for businessmen.

Many designers, such as Thomas Chippendale and Robert Adams created designs that are still recognizable in modern times. The furniture industry became a hit that even the standard for each craftsmanship had an improvement. The prices remain very high that only the nobility can afford. Furniture makers honed their skills to create new pieces that are uniquely theirs that will attract customers.

Modern Upholstery

Modern Upholstery

The Industrial Revolution arrived around the 19th century. Innovations started developing, like chemical dyes and coil springs made of steel. It is also the era when machine-woven fabrics were introduced. Upholstery furniture fabrics became more creative. New materials started being produced as the upholstery business became a hit avenue of opportunity.

With this revolution, new complex furniture was designed and created. It is when machine-printed fabrics became part of the upholstery furniture fabrics that we can now see in modern times. When the 20th century arrived, concepts and designs were improved and gave a few more options. That means even the upholstery furniture fabrics are also having their improvement.

Some of the innovations that were known are the stuffing of the furniture, molded foams as the core of the furniture, and some bent steel. With newer trends showing in the market, upholstery became integrated with every person’s life. In this modern era, even techniques were improved to provide better comfortability to the people who will use the furniture. This is how far the upholstery business together with the upholstery furniture fabric has come.


With all the innovations that the upholstering business had, one of the best products that people are using even now in modern times is the upholstery furniture fabrics. They provide options to choose from, starting with the material of the fabric to its creative design. It can also give you a lot of ideas that can come to life in your hands.

All you need is the proper materials with your creative mind. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Just keep on having innovative ideas that can create inspiration for everyone that sees your masterpiece. It would also be an achievement that you can be proud of.

An idea that may be helpful to you and other people that you will meet in the future. It may give some inspiration to others that you’ll never know how you helped them in a very positive way in the very negative time of their lives.


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