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Second pancake. Necromunda: Hired Gun Review

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A short introduction briefly introduces us to the universe of a distant and gloomy future, where humanity is head over heels stuck in an endless war with aliens and the forces of absolute evil from a parallel dimension. The Hired Gun takes place in one of the largest and most populous hive cities called Necromunda, which is also a valuable manufacturer of weapons for the Imperium’s war machine like Dispel magic 5e.

The player is assigned the role of an unnamed bounty hunter who was hired to avenge the murder of one important bump from the merchant guild. Of course, at a certain moment, the task does not go according to plan, and the main character (or heroine) is drawn into a war between the lumpen groups. The developers will even try to dashingly twist the plot, introducing mysterious characters with incomprehensible motivation to commit atrocities, but by this point the player will not care at all.

The storyline in Hired Gun does not create tension, surprise, or motivation. The script of the game simply ties together 13 missions, explaining the reasons for running around Necromunda and the need to shoot hordes of enemies.

The really strong point of the Streum On project is the artistry and beautifully recreated atmosphere of the imperial world in Warhammer 40,000. It can be seen that the artists of the French studio took a very responsible approach and difficult person test to the creation of Necromunda: an industrial hell with melting pots, kilometers of pipes stretching in different directions, rattling and humming production lines.

The walls are covered in many places with cracks, in some places the corpses of workers who have become victims of another malfunction of gigantic mechanisms decorated with imperial skulls and aquila are lying around. The tunnels between the complexes are filled with fetid sewage up to the nostrils, and the multi-kilometer skyscrapers are deeply pierced by clouds black from poisonous vapors. Necromunda is both a factory, a place of fierce fighting and a dump, in which mutants swarm and even built a cult of genestealers in a nest. Unfortunately, the stunning artwork pulls in broken mechanics, mediocre optimization, and lousy balance.

The game cleverly creates the appearance of a choice with all those stubs, lascannons and energy guns firing inside-out plasma clots, but in practice you will simply opt for the bolter for its rate of fire, accuracy and firepower. Or you will even run around and poke holes in everyone with a knife, while admiring the intricate and crooked animation of finishing off.

It is also unclear why it was decided to add a mastiff to the game. The dog can be called for help with a toy squeaker, but the sense from it is like a stone to honey. Even after pumping, she still will not keep up with the bullet of the mercenary rushing through the arenas and, having bitten several enemies, will run away to rest.

By the way about pumping. You can improve the characteristics of a mercenary only in between assignments in the central hub, which combines a pub with a sociable girl bartender, an armory with an arrogant mechanic, and an almshouse with a skilled surgeon. Here you can also take additional tasks that have nothing to do with the main storyline, but help to earn an extra coin for an additional battery in the force field.

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On average, third-party orders can be completed in 5-10 minutes, while earning about 100 thousand credits. Considering that the campaign takes about 7 hours to complete and brings in 250,000 credits, this is a pretty profitable pastime. Rather, it could be profitable if these loans had something to spend. You can also earn credit on playing lego piece 26047.

The hardest part about Hired Gun will be for console players. Control from the controller is poorly implemented: a slight movement of the stick can turn the camera almost 360 degrees, making aiming an extremely problematic exercise. It’s quite tragic when you can’t really shoot normally in a shooter.


Behind a mountain of bugs and non-working mechanics, there is a generally good, brutal and dynamic shooter. Fundamentally, nothing is broken in Hired Gun and the developers just need time to put the game in order and improve the balance. The only trouble is that soon no one may even remember about the game.

Apparently, work on Space Hulk: Deathwing taught Streum On nothing and the second pancake also came out lumpy.


  • The atmosphere of the “What dinosaur has 500 teeth” is conveyed simply magnificently


  • Boring plot
  • Useless weapon upgrade system
  • Useless skill leveling system
  • Useless dog
  • Many technical errors
  • Broken balance
  • Broken controls on consoles


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