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Reasons Why a Teacup Poodle full grown reaches this size

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Teacup Poodle

Teacup Poodles are small sized puppies. They are the size of small dogs. Just like miniature schnauzers they love to play and have fun. So how fast do teacup poodle full grown dogs grow?

Teacup Poodles typically reach eight to ten inches in height at the shoulder. There are a number of different reasons why a teacup poodle full grown reaches this size in comparison with other breed of dogs. Typically breeders will breed dogs for the shortest possible run. Then when they get to around sixteen weeks of age they will start to show signs of slowing down. Usually they fall into two categories, those that stay near the same height all the way through the year and those that grow a bit taller each year.

The teacup poodle full grown dogs generally stay small. They will usually be a shade or two smaller than other dogs in the same category. You can tell because the dogs that stay small have much finer hair and the coat tends to stand on end more than those that are bigger.

Since the teacup poodle is so small their body weight usually weighs anywhere from five to ten pounds. At the age of sixteen they weigh anywhere from fifteen to twenty pounds. They tend to gain weight over the years and average about twenty pounds per year. If you don’t believe the weight gain, just picture them hunching their back and stretching.

Just like many smaller breeds, the teacup poodle needs a lot of brushing. Their long coat requires an even more thorough brushing and bathing. They have fine bones so it is very important to keep your dog’s coat smooth and silky.

Like most pampered dogs, this breed needs an occasional exercise routine, preferably at least once or twice a day. Since they have short legs it can be difficult for them to go out for a run. You can purchase a variety of specially made dog run/walk products that simulate a real run/walk with you using a leash and hand holding the dog. Make sure you supervise this exercise to prevent the dog from getting loose and running off how to tips.

Just like all other miniature breeds the teacup poodle is also available in three sizes to suit your needs. At four and a half inches and six inches and ten pounds the teacup poodle is very cute and adorable. He is the perfect dog to cuddle with during the evenings or spend time with during the day when you are on the couch. Because he is so cute he will become the focal point of your home.

Before you bring your new puppy home make sure you have researched the dog breed and are familiar with her character, her grooming needs, her likes and dislikes and what types of training she has already undergone. Your breeder should be able to provide you with information about her pups and show you pictures of the puppies before she was 10 weeks old. This will give you an idea as to her approximate size, temperament and age. And last but not least be sure that you have purchased a healthy puppy that has been checked over by a veterinarian. Your breeder will do this for you before you ever take your new dog home.

When most people think of teacup poodles they usually picture these dogs walking on two legs and doing cute things such as wiggling their tails and giving us a look as if they are ready to attack us. These are great pictures but not always accurate. While teacup poodles do have a double coat they are not always the showiest dog. Their coats can be thin and their coats can come in all colors from pale yellow to dark chocolate and every shade in between RSVP.

A teacup poodle may have a standard sized head with a long body, but he can be found in all different sizes. The most important factor to consider when buying a teacup poodle is his temperament. Most Standard sized poodles are calm, gentle and mild tempered. They are great pets for children but not the best match for dogs with shorter tempers or more high-strung personalities.

It is important to remember that even though these are small poodles they still need to be socialized. This makes them great pets, but if you don’t socialize them properly they can quickly develop health problems. The personality disorders of teacup poodle are very similar to the personality disorders of large breed like the whinny and the cocker spaniel.


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