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Samsung Portable T3 SSD 1TB – Who should buy and why?

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External Solid-State Drives are very portable and easy to carry along. Consider a USB flash drive, external Solid-State Drives serves the same purpose, but offer high storage capacity.

The distinguishing feature between an external SSD and an ordinary SSD in your computer is that an external SSD is portable with plug-and-play functionality. You can safely detach it any time and carry it along, without any fear of losing your valuable data and files stored within.

External Solid-State Drives – Salient Features

You can connect an external SSD to your desktop PC or a laptop using a standard USB cord. External SSDs offer a plug n play feature that allows you to easily transfer files to them just like you copy files to any folder in your PC without needing a separate application.

External SSDs can be used as secondary storage as they can be used in parallel to the existing storage drive like internal HDD or SDD in your PC. For instance, if you have a great volume of high-definition pictures or 4K videos that you don’t want to use in the near future or frequently, you can transfer these files to your external SSD and have them safely stored for a prolonged period duration. Read also: Sumsung headphones

External SSDs are perfect utilities to transfer files from one PC to another, irrespective of their running OS. For instance, you have a collection of HD videos on your laptop that you want to share with your friend who has a Macbook PC, you just need to simply copy and paste these videos to your external SSD, plug the drive into your friend’s Macbook, and then transfer those videos within a matter of minutes, without any need to change the format videos or install any application.

Samsung Portable T3 SSDs – overview

Samsung introduced its Samsung Portable T3 SSD lineup that offers a premium, small-sized, portable storage with a range of storage options. By incorporating Samsung’s state-of-the-art VNAND flash architecture, the T3 drive offers a promising performance, allowing users, content creators, business and IT experts, to instantly and easily save and transfer significant volumes of multimedia or document files between different devices. Each variant of the Samsung’s Portable T3 SSD comes with a 3-year warranty and is available as 250 GB, 500 GB, 1TB, and 2TB storage modules.

Samsung Portable T3 SSD 1TB – Salient Features & Advantages

The remarkable feature of the new Samsung portable T3 SSD includes super-fast read/write speeds that support the quick data transfer between a device and SSD. The drive offers sequential read/write speeds of up to 450 MB/s with a USB 3.0 interface standard making it four times faster than mainstream external SSDs. It offers immense scalability to customers by making it compatible with all the available laptops, desktops, smart TVs, and Android devices. Due to its AES-256-bit hardware encryption gives you peace of mind while transferring sensitive data and files. Hardware encryption allows users to easily manage their passwords with ease. For business users Samsung SSD T3 offers extremely fast read/write operations, enabling users to plug in and quickly showcase their presentations to their managers, clients, or partners.

 Intuitive user interface

With its interactive UI, the Samsung Portable SSD T3 is easy to manage and protect due to its AES 256-bit hardware encryption. By easily establishing a user password, you can keep your drive safe from any fraudulent access. In the absence of any mechanical or moving components unlike HDDs, the T3 SSD is designed in such a way so as to withstand shocks and damages so users do not have to worry about the wear and tear of mechanical components like the ones using HDDs. It has a metal body with a shock-constraining internal frame as it can withstand shocks up to 1,500G and tested for over a 2-meter drop test. It is designed in such a way so as to efficiently manage workload to overcome overheating.


The Samsung T3 SSD is compatible with a multitude of USB-supported devices ranging from the latest Android smartphones and tablets to desktops or laptops with Windows or Mac operating systems. Users can transfer data and files from the T3 SSD to a PC and vice versa, access stored files on the T3 via smartphones or tablets, and view the drive’s multimedia content on their TV screens by directly plugging it into the USB interface. T3 SSDs offers exFAT, a widely used file format, as its default file format to ensure a smooth user experience. T3 SSDs also support a brand-new complementary Samsung Portable SSD Android mobile app, which supports password changes and storage management.

Safety & Protection

The drive offers a simple setup process for beginners, with a single-user password. AES 256-bit hardware encryption ensures high data security and protection across different OS including Windows, Mac, and Android. Even if the drive ended up being found in the wrong hands, your sensitive data would be inaccessible.


Samsung portable SSD T3 1TB is the best-selling SSD from the T3 portable SSD lineup that offers super-fast transfer rates and high-end data security. With Samsung’s renowned NAND Flash architecture, it surpasses most of its potential competitors available in the market making it an ideal solution for someone who wants to experience responsive file access and significant performance boost, making it a value-to-money product for everyone looking to save their data/information for prolonged durations.

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