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Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Reebok International Limited was a clothing and apparel manufacturer owned by German sports giant Adidas between 2005 and 2022. It is the official football and apparel sponsor of CrossFit and a regular sponsor of Spartan Race.

Surprisingly, Reebok is not one of those brands that has dozens of styles of boxing boots. Their approach seems to be to get some boxing shoes and make them special.

  • Let’s start with the best Reebok boxing shoe reviews.

Reebok rarely designs shoes without ankle support. The middle cut slightly increases the stability of the ankle, and the height of the top covers the entire ankle, in some cases a few inches above the ankle, increasing the stability of the ankle. Its ankle straps feature make it very comfortable for  the ankle.

The use of mid-cut shoes with straps is beneficial in that the grip can be specially controlled so that it does not push into Reebok’s shoes.

 In addition to being comfortable, it is also flexible but durable. It’s hard to explain, but flexibility and paddling are the keys to comfort. Reebok shoes should move very naturally if they are the right size for you.

  1. Reebok Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker
  • Features

These shoes are very good shape and significantly light weight. Available in black / white, metallic silver, and black. Each has a beautiful Reebok logo and will be on display at the gym.

These shoes are well knitted so they don’t fall apart like other shoes. The Reebok logo is affixed. The upper part is made of synthetic leather and the outer part is made of rubber. You may find that they provide a good grip while in motion.

  • Pros

Ankle strap for a locked-in feel and added support

Full rubber outsole for traction and durability

  • Cons

These are not good for wider feet and have very little arch support.

They have a flat bottom, which is great for moving flexibly on the ring, but less superior for running.

  1. Reebok Boxing Boot

Leather and apparel mix with a classic Reebok look. Its color pattern is slightly different from the first model.

There are five styles, the most distinctive of which is black and the non-woven part of the shoe is shiny. Like all Reebok models, it is breathable and offers an excellently adjustable ankle grip with a strap. There is a Reebok logo on the side of the bracelet, making it a very stylish boxing shoe overall.

  • Pros

It provides you a durable toe protection for sports-specific activities

  • Cons

It is not made with real Leather.

Complaints have been received regarding sole adhesive problems.

  1. Reebok Boxing Boot – AW19

This model has  smaller holes in its mesh. It may seem like it’s having a negative effect on your breathing ability, but it doesn’t make a difference because the boxing shoes are completely covered with mesh. There is only one color in this model with ankle strap, artificial lining and rubber sole.

Good ankle brace with adjustable straps, it has straps that can be a bit long.

  • Pros

These boots are very good for people with slightly wider feet.

  • Cons

These boots Fits little smaller than needed.


Reebok epitomizes what they think is a great boxing shoe, with only a few changes made to the new model. The disadvantages of these boxing boots include their strength – a slight difference when changing models. If your boxing shoe has specific requirements, such as short or high ankle lengths, Reebok has no other boxing shoe options that are significantly different from each other.


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