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Plan your wedding in a dreamy destination!

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Do you want to make your wedding unique? Are you dreaming of having a unique and memorable wedding on South Coast? Planning your wedding destination remains crucial as this decision sets your wedding apart from the others. Some people want to have royal weddings, whereas some want to have their weddings on the sea-side.

If you want to make your D-day special and unique, choose destinations like South-coast wedding venues to fulfil your desires.

Know about the different types of wedding destinations before planning your wedding!

Grand hotels

When it comes to convenience, hotels on the South Coast remain an ideal choice. These are the most common wedding venues that facilitate convenient accommodation of outstation guests. They take care of all the other amenities like a staycation, food, suites, decor, and backdrops. They also offer poolside lighting, dinner, and green lawns to host your wedding authentically. You have to plan according to your guest list and book grand hotels of the required capacity.


Lawns and farmhouses remain ideal choices for people who look forward to hosting weddings with many guests. Farm-houses on the South Coast are located in remote areas, mostly away from the city. Make sure they remain easily accessible for your guests and family members. They are perfect with aesthetic lighting and shimmery sky. You can enjoy this destination with great accommodation and food facilities. If you plan to have your wedding party at night, lawns remain the perfect go-to option.

Personal properties

People with good family backgrounds and landowners on the South Coast plan to host their weddings at private properties or terraces. Aesthetic decors with a dreamy look make these destinations look more beautiful. They look gorgeous with fairy lights and gloomy decor ideas. You can plan intimate parties and weddings at these destinations outdoors.

Golf courts

They consist of lavish green yards with lush grass. Choose these destinations to have a unique and elegant wedding party. They have a scenic view and consist of beautiful interiors with royal chairs and tables. Apart from the courts, they also have a poolside view, lawns, and private sponsors with a team of golf professionals. They have a good seating plan and can accommodate more than a thousand guests when needed.

Forts and palaces

You can book royal forts and palaces if you want the feel of a fairy-tale. Choose venues like South-coast wedding venues to have grand and royal weddings. Celebrities opt for forts to make their wedding look more dreamy and classy. These are dream-come-true and classic wedding venues among all.


If you want to create a salty mess with the turquoise blue water background, choose island destinations to plan your marriage. They give a natural scenic view and make your wedding images look unique. Choose dress colours according to the backdrops to give an aesthetic feel.


If you and your partner are sport-lovers, you can go for unique themed stadium weddings. This destination sets your wedding apart from the others.

Wonderlands and parks

Host your weddings in amusement parks such as Disneyland to let your family and friends have more fun. These are unique wedding destinations with different looks.

Discuss with your wedding planners on the South Coast for beautiful destination ideas. They observe and suggest according to your needs and requirements. Investigate the venues and have a fairy tale wedding with the best wedding venues.


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