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Three hours a week: Play time’s over for China’s young video gamers

China's young video gamers
China's young video gamers

Shanghai, Aug 30 – China has banned 18-year-olds from playing video games for more than three hours a week. Formerly described as the “spiritual opium”.

The new rules, issued on Monday, are part of Beijing’s significant move to tighten its control over society after key sectors of the economy, including technology, education and property, were excluded from population development. .

The restrictions, which apply to any device, including phones, are a blow to the global gaming industry body, which is serving millions of young players in the world’s most lucrative market.

According to state news agency Xinhua, their 18-year-olds are not limited to one hour a day – from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. They can play for an hour at a time on public holidays.

The regulatory policies of the National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) are in line with the wider Beijing crisis against Chinese technology companies Alibaba Group (9988.HK) and Tencent Holdings (0700.HK).

The campaign to avoid what some companies describe as “wild growth” by state media is overshadowed by billions of dollars in shares traded domestically and abroad. read more

“Youth is the future of our country,” Xinhua news agency quoted an unnamed NPPA spokesperson as saying. “Protecting the physical and mental health of children is related to the core interests of the people and the cultivation of the younger generation during national rejuvenation.”

The regulator, which oversees the video game market in the country, said gaming companies will be barred from providing services to minors in any form outside the specified period and they will have to ensure that they put in place a real name verification system.

Earlier, China had limited time to 1.5 hours for under-18s and three hours on holidays under the 2019 rules.

The new rules became one of the most discussed topics in Weibo, with China reacting on Twitter. Some users expressed support for these measures, while others said they were surprised by how strict the policies were.

“It was so intense because I was a mom,” said one commenter, who garnered over 700 likes.

Others questioned whether the restrictions could be enforced. “They use the parent’s login. How can they control that?” Question of one

Gaming shares seized

According to analyst Newsweek, the Chinese sportswear market is expected to generate revenue of $45.6 billion over the United States by 2021.

Repression prevails all over the world.

Projects (PRX.AS), a listed technology investment firm, own 29% of the Chinese social media conglomerate and Tencent Video Games, while European online video gaming companies Ubisoft (UBIP.PA) and Empress Group (EMBRACb.ST) each. Have 2 passes. %. Fell more than

Shares of Chinese gaming fell pre-market in the United States, with NetEase down more than 6% and mobile game publisher Philippines down 3%.

State media reported that approximately 62.5% of Chinese minors frequently play online games, and 13.2% of minors who use mobile games play mobile games for more than two hours a day.

Gaming companies have been sidelined in recent weeks as state media criticizes gaming addiction among young people and marks a disciplinary effort.

A state-run media company this month described online games as the “spiritual opium” and cited Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” article, which called for more regulation in the industry, the world’s biggest gaming giant by earnings. Reduced shares in the company.

Later, Tencent announced new measures to reduce the time and money kids spend on games, starting with the King’s Honor. Its president said it would work with regulators to cover the total time spent by minorities on gaming and explore ways to cover all industry topics.

The NPPA regulator told Xinhua that this would allow online gaming companies to increase the frequency and intensity of tests to ensure deadlines and anti-drug systems.

It also said that parents and teachers will play an important role in controlling game addiction.

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From tech to education, China’s season of regulatory crackdown

China's season of regulatory crackdown
China's season of regulatory crackdown

In response to rising drug concerns, Chinese regulators have barred players under the age of 18 from spending an hour playing online games on Fridays, weekends and holidays. In sports, state media reported on Monday.

Technology companies eye IPO
According to someone familiar with the matter, China is developing policies to ban Internet companies that pose a potential security risk from listing outside the country, including the United States.

Companies involved in ideological issues are also expected to be banned, and the individual declined to be identified as an individual matter.

Cloud Computing
China is building its own cloud-backed state organization, Ku Ji Yun, as a direct threat to technology companies such as Alibaba, Hawaii and Tencent Holdings.

The Chinese city of Tianjin has asked municipal-controlled companies to move their data from private sector operators Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings to state-backed cloud systems next year.

economic forum
China is trying to toughen rules for technology companies, including e-commerce companies and social media sites, that are used to target users.

China’s Cyberspace Administration said in a statement on Friday that companies should adhere to business ethics and integrity policies and not set algorithmic models that guide users to spend large sums of money. Spend money in a way that is disruptive to money or public order.

In April, the State Administration of Market Regulation fined Alibaba $2.75 billion for participating in a “choose one of two” training in which an e-commerce site was banned by sellers from selling competing sites. .

Penalized small companies for consumer and other practices related to labor rights.

In May, rival fined 300,000 yuan for publishing false information about its food products.

The regulator also ordered Chinese food delivery companies to provide better protection for workers.

Celebrity Fan Club
China on Friday broke what it described as a “chaotic” celebrity fan culture, barring sites from publishing lists of celebrities and regulating the sale of fan products after a series of controversies involving artists.

Beijing has introduced rules banning for-profit educational institutions from raising capital abroad.

The rules also state that teacher centers must be registered as nonprofits, not offer programs for lessons taught in public day schools, and ban classes on weekends and holidays.

A competitive higher education system has made educational services more popular among parents, but the government has sought to reduce childcare costs in an effort to establish a backward birth rate.

online finance
In November, shortly before Ant Group Co Ltd listed a record share sale, bank regulators in China issued draft rules calling for stricter online restrictions. Credits, Ant is a great player.

There are limits to cross-provincial online loans and limited loans to individuals.

The next day, the People’s Bank of China suspended the Ant Group IPO. In April, the regulator called on Ant to separate the payments business from the personal finance business.

In June, China’s cyberspace management asked major boarding company DT Saxing to stop accepting new users within days of going public on the New York Stock Exchange.

The move would reduce the company’s share price by about a fifth.

Analysts and investors said Didi’s action was more about big data and foreign listings of Chinese companies than competitive practices.

The regulator initially cited consumer privacy breaches, but later issued separate draft rules to conduct security reviews before data-rich Chinese companies list overseas. .

During the CAC hearing, China’s market regulator forced Didi and other companies to pay a fine of 500,000 yuan for filing reports on the acquisition of smaller companies.

In May, three financial regulators extended restrictions on China’s cryptocurrency sector, banning banks and online payment companies from making payments or settlements in cryptocurrencies.

They prohibited companies from providing exchange services between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, and prohibited fund managers from investing assets in cryptocurrencies.

In the following weeks, provincial-level governments took action to ban bitcoin mining.

Those sanctions sparked waves of mining attacks across the country, with the cutting-edge global daily Global Times estimating that 90% of mining operations would stop in the short term.

China’s housing minister and seven other regulators have called on the property management sector to “reform the order”.

As China’s economy continues to grow in 2020 after a collapse due to the coronavirus, officials stepped up efforts to curb old real estate loans this year in hopes of curbing the property bubble.

Other bills include limits on borrowing from developers known as the “Three Red Lines” and limits on bank property loans.

One of the world’s most popular tech reviewers highlighted the downsides of Tesla’s new steering yoke

downsides of Tesla's new steering yoke
downsides of Tesla's new steering yoke

Tesla has started shipping the upgraded Model S sedan with unique yoke grips.

The rectangular steer is one of the most controversial features Tesla has released in recent times.

Technical critic Marx Brownlee talks about his gambling problems in a recent video.

Check out more news on the Insider Business page.

Tesla caused a stir in January when it announced a tire replacement for the Model S sedans and Model X SUVs.

Now that the updated models are hitting the road, we’re starting to see what it’s really like to live with a rectangular yoke wheel instead of traditional tires. The controversial clothing had its drawbacks, as many critics (even the tough Tesla) were skeptical when consumer photos first hit the web.

Technology commentator and electric car enthusiast Mark Brownlee, whose MKBHD YouTube channel has nearly 15 million subscribers, discussed the positives and negatives of gambling on his new Tesla Model S Blade in a video in July.

At first glance, the yoke seems completely impractical to drive, with the main purpose of steering training. Your arms can only be in one position, which will rotate the wheel parallel to park until the neck hurts.

If you keep one hand on the wheel or practice changing your grip occasionally, it won’t really blow up a gambled Tesla.

The yoke’s guide features are accustomed, Brownlee said, but the steer buttons are a real pain.

Tesla avoided pressing key buttons under the steering yoke, normal handles and full operation of essential functions – such as turn signals, headlights and eyeglass wipers. Even after walking hundreds of miles, he still saw Brownlee inadvertently push a button along the way.

“I don’t know how common it might be, but it flashes when you turn around, and wiping headlights and glasses is so common, it’s so annoying,” Brownlee said. He said the yoke should be right, but called the touch button “wrong”.

Tech accelerator Plug and Play teams up with Adio to boost innovation

Adio to boost innovation

Global technology accelerator Plug & Play has partnered with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (Audio) to foster industry innovations and attract high potential technology startups to the emirate.

As part of the partnership, the two organizations will launch a Business 4.0 open innovation platform that aims to foster ambitious projects, better policies, real economic value and global thought leadership.

Plug and Play said, “It will foster collaboration and knowledge exchange of leading industrial companies and exceptional technological developments in … supply chain management, manufacturing, warehousing, telecommunications, maintenance, operations, logistics, energy, construction and real estate.” Property.”

The UAE is committed to improving the industry. Earlier this year, a new strategy was launched to increase the manufacturing sector’s contribution to 300 billion dirhams ($81.68 billion) over the next 10 years, up from 1333 billion dirhams currently.

“Abu Dhabi’s inherent strengths make it ideal for an open innovation platform for Industry 4.0,” said Abu Dhabi Director, Plug and Play Abu Dhabi.

The size, diversity and mindset of industry players in Abu Dhabi will be a powerful factor in attracting technology startups of the technology class to the emirate through collaboration opportunities that provide genuine business, co-creation and investment. ”

Plug and Play in Silicon Valley, one of the world’s largest accelerators, opened its office in the Abu Dhabi Global Market in October 2017 after signing a free zone joint venture to bring fintech startups to the capital.

Abu Dhabi’s economy is expected to deteriorate by 6 percent to 8 percent over the next two years. Started this year. .

“We want to support startups and companies that contribute to real and lasting change by developing solutions and technologies with solutions,” said Tariq Bin Hendy, Director General of Audio. “The Open Platform for Change will harness the power of collaboration to shape a brighter future globally.”

Abu Dhabi continues to attract new companies to set up operations in the UAE.

Land-based Atlantic salmon aquaculture company Pure Salmon said earlier this year that it would set up its global headquarters in Abu Dhabi in collaboration with AUDIO.

Tech helps solo runners with visual impairments

solo runners with visual impairments
solo runners with visual impairments

Google Japan is developing a technology that allows visually impaired people to jog on their own.

The runner attaches a smartphone with a special processor installed on its belly. Its camera uses AI image recognition to verify the position of the person and the line drawn on the ground.

If the runner is fixed, the device emits a soft sound. But if he leaves, the noise will be even more alarming.

The company hopes to put this system into practical use.

Mizono Masamitsu, who is visually impaired, participated in the research. He said that running alone gave him freedom.
He said that marathon is first and foremost a sport where people run alone and this new technology provides an opportunity to experience marathons in their original form.

Google says it will continue to make changes to the system to make it work even if the line is covered with fallen leaves or soil.

Big Tech wants to build the ‘metaverse.’ What on Earth does that mean?


The 2018 science fiction film “Ready Player One” offers a glimpse into what many tech companies have predicted to be the next big thing on the Internet.

Inspired by the 2011 novel Ernst Klein, the film’s orphaned protagonist loses the tragic presence of the real world by immersing himself in the dazzling fantasy of virtual reality. The boy remembers a pair of VR glasses on his headset and escapes into a dim virtual universe called “Oasis”.

The main character in the trailer said, “People come to OASIS for everything they can, but they rely on everything they can.”

One day at dawn, many science fiction-inspired technology executives say we’re all in an interactive virtual real world, filled with games, adventures, shopping, and other casual propositions like movie characters.

Instead of OASIS, he called it the Metaverse.

The metaverse differs from today’s virtual reality, where clunky headsets provide insane experiences and little opportunity for other gadget owners to cross-play with people. Instead, MetaWare would be a vast communal cyberspace.

It’s a huge task that will require benchmarking and collaboration with tech companies that won’t easily keep up with competitors – though that doesn’t stop them from saying that MetaWare is around the corner.
CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a July revenue call that Facebook should be recognized as a “metaware company.” He said the goal is to fill the virtual world by attracting new users with cheaper headsets. Ultimately, Zuckerberg suggests, this solid user platform will prove to be an advertising boom: “Millions of people” in Metavar “add to the size of the digital economy within it.”

Facebook has taken on this approach in recent weeks, highlighting the virtual reality workplace for remote workers. The company works by wearing smart wrist bands and VR goggles. The company is investing billions of dollars in this effort.

Tech Weapons We Need To Combat Global Warming

Tech Weapons To Combat Global Warming
Tech Weapons To Combat Global Warming

Whenever a war like Afghanistan ends, a financial problem will drive one country to another. Weapons makers make huge profits because peacefully the country doesn’t eat a lot of orders.

But this time, thanks to climate change, there is effectively yet another devastating conflict. That’s what West Coast fires and weather events are about. War to reduce floods, hurricanes, and hurricanes on the East Coast of the United States.

What if we take this military capability and create a “weapon” to fight fires and floods? We now use military vehicles refurbished for this type of service, but weapons designed for one type of conflict are not suitable for another.

Focusing on military production, from killing people to mitigating disasters, can also solve problems that many large companies have with employees who oppose military contracts. If efforts are removed from a very dangerous situation, until they are saved, the efforts must be very satisfactory.

Let’s talk about some discoveries we can all use to make us safer, and turn our attention this week to help prevent injury.

We’ll be covering our product for a week, the best Tesla electric hydrofoil boat trying to move the boat from fossil fuels.

fire relief
This is the third summer in a row that I do not live in a resort community because of the smoke from the fire. Our house was never in danger, but the smoke was so heavy that they said it would one day damage the lungs in line with cigarette addiction. One day the smoke was so thick that I could not breathe outside. The whole city was devastated by the fire which lost control and could not be stopped in a timely manner.

However, we have developed various weapon systems to identify enemy groups over vast geographical areas. We can use the detection technology we currently use to locate terrorists and engage in the task of forest fire detection. Thus, we can respond quickly.

How do I Find Rentals in Dubai?

Which Car is Mentioned By Name In The Theme Song of TV's
Image Source: Classic Auto Mall

If you are planning to travel to Dubai, one of the most important questions that you will need answered is, “How do I find off plan properties in Dubai?” There is no need to worry about finding an apartment or a hotel since these are already available. All you have to do is follow the tips below so that you can have your desired accommodations when you decide to visit Dubai.

The first place that you can look for information on apartments and hotels is the internet. This is the best place where you can find information about properties for sale and rentals. This is because all you need to do is fill out some basic details about you and your preferences. If you are a budget traveler, you can check out the properties that are being offered for a cheaper price. You will get all the necessary information through emails and you can also look at photos of the property.

Once you have confirmed the availability of a rental, it would be better if you search for a site that provides information about a number of rental options. When you have checked out some of the sites, you should now search for a particular apartment or a hotel. Before you enter any credit card information, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Look for testimonials and feedbacks from existing customers. This is important so that you can be sure that you are getting the best deal.

Once you have searched for the available rentals, you should now see a map of the city. Peninsula Business Bay will allow you to plan your sightseeing tours. If you want to find a hotel, you need to go to a search engine and type in ‘hotels near dubai’. This will give you all the information you need on the places where you can stay.

When you are looking for a rental property, you need to know what it is worth. Dubai prices tend to vary according to the location of the property. Some of the best places to find a good rental are in the areas of Bur Dubai and Jumeriah. Bur Dubai is an area that is right on the sea front and Jumeriah is a place that has an exclusive feel to it because of its historical buildings and structures.

Before you enter your rental details, you should read the terms and conditions. This will help you to understand the way the system works and how you are able to get a good rental for your property. Once you have entered your data, you should see a map of the area and the names of the places that you can check out. If you are looking for a furnished rental in Jumeriah, then you will need to enter the number of bedrooms that you are looking for. You should also tell the website if you require some or all of the features of a furnished apartment.

When you are looking for property to rent, you should see if there is any information available on the website. This is very important especially when you are new to the city. If you do not find anything, then you should start your own search on another website. The more information you have, the better the search will be. If you cannot find anything on any of the websites, then you should contact the property owner directly and see what they would be willing to offer you as a rental unit.

After you get an idea of how the city works, you should check out the different places to find rentals. Dubai tourism has grown in the recent years and the number of properties for rent has increased dramatically in the past few years. If you are planning on visiting Dubai soon, then you should consider renting a property in Dubai so that you can enjoy the many tourist attractions that the city has to offer.

Six incredible health benefits linked to Coffee consumption

Six incredible health benefits linked to Coffee consumption
Six incredible health benefits linked to Coffee consumption

Most coffee lovers do not need any excuse to drink their absolute favorite beverage almost daily. Many yet are hesitant to try coffee, fearing that it may adversely affect their well-being. However, a great amount of research suggests several health benefits of consuming coffee regularly. These reasons should be enough to convince anyone to try coffee daily and will encourage regular drinkers to continue using it in their daily lives.

Making weight loss easier

It is not a well-known fact, but coffee can help people lose weight. This is due to the main active ingredient present in coffee, caffeine. Caffeine is a chemical also found in other fat-cutting supplements. The primary reason is that caffeine causes an increase in metabolic rate, which is of main concern in fat burning. It is possible to check how much caffeine is present in certain coffee types, so it is always useful to look out for this information, especially when you buy coffee online, to avoid inconvenience.

Increase in productivity

Probably the most common reason for the consumption of coffee is related to energy level. Most drinkers experience a rush of energy that they can use to get more work done and hence increase their productivity numbers. There are also reports of an increase in certain brain functions in people who consume coffee regularly.

Boosting physical activity

Coffee has been known to help individuals during or before physical exercise. This is due to two reasons. Firstly, caffeine blocks chemical receptors for adenosine in the brain; this allows other chemicals such as dopamine to be produced and keep the neurons active. Secondly, caffeine is also responsible for increased secretions of adrenaline into the bloodstream; this chemical is responsible for allowing the body to deal with tough physical exercise. So, a combination of these two factors allows the body to function more actively and with greater efficiency during exercise routines.

Reduced risk of developing Type 2 diabetes

A very unexpected benefit of coffee is its link with lower chances of developing type 2 diabetes among drinkers. Type 2 diabetes is induced by a reduction or resistance to insulin levels in the body, leading to a multitude of complications and a tougher lifestyle. Although the exact mechanism is not yet well understood. A large proportion of various study populations have confirmed that coffee drinkers have significantly less risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Reduced risk of liver complications

Another medical benefit that arises from regularly drinking coffee is the reduced risk of liver cancer. Data from established journals suggests around 40% of individuals. That consume coffee are less likely to develop complications related to chronic liver disease. Coffee drinkers are also better adapted to dealing with other liver diseases. Such as primary sclerosing cholangitis and primary biliary cirrhosis, which are autoimmune diseases.

Healthier heart

Studies have shown that coffee consumption also positively affects the heart. Using a range of 3 to 5 cups a day, coffee drinkers were found to be less likely to be afflicted with cardiovascular disease by 15%. There was also a link to lower mortality rates among participants in these studies. When you buy coffee online, be sure to check if it contains high levels of cafestol and kahweol. As these cause problems to those affected by high cholesterol.


Coffee has countless benefits. However, it is also important to consider the harms that could be linked to coffee consumption on an individual level. Those who tend to consume coffee in the latter half of the day find it harder to fall asleep on time, leading to a sleepless night. Coffee blends contain substances that are liked to increase the concentration of cholesterol.

The use of bad quality coffee can also lead to illnesses due to containing great amounts of impurities that can make coffee toxic for the individual; it is always recommended to buy coffee online. Coffee dedicated online stores make sure to provide coffee lovers with only high-quality products, lacking impurities that may cause harm. They also have a large collection of exclusive products to choose from. If you want to give it a go, the best place to buy coffee beans online UK are Lavazza, Pebble and Pine, The Hot Sip, and Pact Coffee.

Vendors’ profits rise – but not in London

Vendors' profits rise - but not in London
Vendors' profits rise - but not in London

The strong rise in home prices in London since the pandemic outbreak has increased sellers’ profits. This has happened with a typical seller buying 20 years ago and selling last year, making a gross profit of £ 95,360. This is an increase from the usual £ 83,550 in 2020. 4,444 These figures are from a survey by Hampton, owned by Connells, claiming that 92% of sellers sold their property in 2021 for an average of 8.8 years after owning it for more than they bought.

The increase in profits for sellers was driven by the sale of larger homes that benefited from stronger price increases because they were generally owned for a long time. Last year, 4,444 homeowners accounted for 23% of sellers in England and Wales, up from 20% in 2019. Single-family home sellers achieved their greatest profits (£ 151,840, or 53 percent) because they owned the longest (9.4 years).

Gross Profit Jump

An average estate agent in London is aware of the profit jump. The average gross profit of a house jumped from £ 132,240 in 2020 to £ 122,280 in 2019 (8.2 years in 2021). One-fifth of home retailers lost their wealth in 2021 compared to 4% of independent retailers. Between 2020 and 2021, only 4,444 homeowners lost profits. The average home seller sold in 2021 was £ 54,690, or 29% gross profit, compared to £ 62,360 in 2020. Regionally, across all property types. London sellers continued to generate the greatest absolute gross profit.

However, due to sluggish home prices over the last six years, the average London seller has made a profit of less than £ 200,000 in 2021 for the first time since 2015. The average seller in London sold 9.19 £ more real estate in 2021 than he paid a year ago. This figure is a decrease from £ 207,370 in 2020 and a high of £ 243,050 in 2016.

91% of London sellers profit from real estate, while 16% of capital home sellers sold in the red. The 4,444 sellers in the northeast were least likely to profit last year. The average salesman in the region made an average gross profit of £ 28,960, of which 22% sold their homes at a lower price than they bought 7.9 years ago. Across regions, all property types. London sellers continued to generate the greatest absolute gross profit.

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Sluggish Home Prices of the Past

However, due to sluggish home prices over the last six years, the average London seller has made a profit of less than £ 200,000 in 2021 for the first time since 2015. The average seller in London sold 9.19 £ more real estate in 2021 than he paid a year ago. This is a decrease from £ 207,370 in 2020 and a high of £ 243,050 in 2016.

91% of London sellers profit from real estate, while 16% of capital home sellers sold in the red. The 4,444 sellers in the northeast were least likely to profit last year. The average salesman in the region made an average gross profit of £ 28,960, of which 22% sold their homes at a lower price than they bought 7.9 years ago.

Researcher Insight

“The sharp rise in home prices over the last 18 months has increased the number of money homeowners have earned. But larger property owners are benefiting from buyers looking for more space. But homeowners are seeing lower returns,” said Aneisha Beveridge, Research Director at Hampton.

“The rise in home prices is caused by two main factors: the period when people owned a home and the time when they bought a home in the housing cycle.

“Usually, long-owned homeowners are making higher profits because they are experiencing more price increases.

“But 20222024 sellers may have recently purchased during periods of weak price growth. This is already seen in London, where seller profits have declined since 2016.”

But most of these profits are the next time they buy. Never seen by sellers as they reinvest in the home market. “Last year’s rise in home prices may have peaked. The average seller in 2021 bought in 2012 with England. Home prices in Wales have risen 55% since then. These properties also covered houses in Buckingham gate for sale.