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Oracle DBA Online Training

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What is the role of Oracle DBA?

Ṭhe Oracle DBA provides the platform to the professionals and beginners to enhance their technical skills. The different tasks of the database administrator are configuration, installation, work on the data server, design the database, and planning. In addition, backup, monitors, data security and integrity in the database, and troubleshooting the data.

This course helps to understand the basic architecture of the oracle dba.

Why did you choose this Oracle Dba?:-

There are several benefits to Learn Oracle Onlinetraining. Many E-Commerce websites are running online, and they have many data so, every website needs data administration to handle and organize the data in the database. So, this certificate help to gain the best technique, and it is popular and gives the bright future in the IT sector from Learn Oracle Online.

Course Synopsis:-

We cover many topics during the Oracle DBA Online Training:-


  • Introduction of DBMS and why Oracle DBMS?
  • Various responsibilities of database administration.
  • How to install the Oracle Software.
  • Configuration of the software.
  • How to handle issues in the real world.


  • Process of creation in Oracle database.
  • Create Oracle 12c R1 database using Create database command and graphical tool.
  • Deeply learn about Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).
  • Process of starting and shutdown the database.
  • You will know about parameters files in DBMS.
  • Learn about alert logs.
  • You learn the Oracle architecture and its component.
  • You see the advanced scenarios like startup and shutdown.
  • Learn process architecture and database memory.
  • Learn about API(JOB SCHEDULER).


  • Create the database by using DBCA.
  • Generate design templates and scripts by use of DBCA.


  • How to start and restart the database and Oracle components.
  • How to use Enterprise Manager, database dictionary in Oracle database.
  • Learn about SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus(for accessing the data).


  • Learn tablespace (create the small and big files) and different types of operation on datafiles.
  • Explain DML.
  • Learn control files.
  • How to manage the undo data and undo adviser in the Oracle database.


  • Learn about Administering User Security, Oracle network environment, and database security.
  • Concept of database backup, the recovery process in the database.
  • Learn Flashback concept and RMAN method(deeply).
  • All the information about Non-critical Losses.
  • Dealing with unauthorized access.
  • Process of Monitoring and Managing data in Oracle database.
  •  You will learn about VLDB.
  • Learn scheduler concepts and operations (Chains, Events, Schedules, priority) and work on different types of schedulers.
  • You learn table indexing, AWR, and STATSPACK in the database.
  • Learn about SQL and CBO.

What did you have before joining the Oracle DBA Online Training?

  • If you are an oracle beginner, then you should little bit of know-how installation and configuration process.
  • A little bit of knowledge of- DBMS and SQL.
  • How to operate the database.

Final verdict:-

This online training gives you good stuff of knowledge of the software and helps to crack the exam. When you complete the online training, you can work with the Oracle database and make a bright future in the IT sector from the oracle dba course online.


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