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New Procedures For Online Student Admission

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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University Admission Management System is an online computerized program developed with the main purpose of systematizing the entire admission process at different colleges and universities. The system offered here combines management and administrative task of multiple-departmental and multiple-divisional organization which comprises various daily activities in this regard. It also manages the entire student record with the main aim of maintaining academic records. There are several benefits offered by the UTMS including controlling paper intake, record keeping, student participation, and decision making. In addition to all these UTMS can be customized as per specific needs of each institution.

This automated system is proposed to replace the manual and time-consuming process of university admission management system today. With the help of such UTMS, institutions can save a lot of their resources and time. It is planned to increase the speed of decision making while increasing the quality of decisions by eliminating the possibility of human error or partiality. In fact, with this proposed system students can be expected to gain admission faster and at a lower cost. This computerized system allows the users to log in as many times as they want to, access, and store data as well as make any changes in the format without any limitation.

Another advantage of using this system is that it helps in selecting the right people for admission. Through this they can get close to the top students without wasting much of their time in selection. In this computerized system students are provided with the facility of sorting the students who have applied through online applications for the desired degree, sorted the shortlisted students by considering their points and provide them the link to attend the interview conducted by the admission counselors. Another advantage of the proposed admission management system is that it reduces the time taken by the university to approve the shortlisted candidates for the desired degree. Students are provided with option of withdrawing from the program if they are unable to attend the interview conducted. As soon as the application has been approved the student will receive an email informing him or her about the acceptance letter.

The online admission management system has been designed to provide complete security to the students. It keeps track of the complete list of students who have applied for a particular course. When a particular course is started the system starts sending out email reminders to the registered students about the course start date. When a person submits the online registration he needs to fill up the given application form either electronically or manually. He needs to provide the required documents by email and not by post.

Now a days every student is facing the problem of money. They are finding it difficult to pay off the heavy tuition fee each year. The introduction of the online admission system has helped the students to cut down on the costs involved in the student admission process. Nowadays there are various ways of getting admission in a good college without paying too much. This includes the online student admission process.

The University Admission Management System may not be able to solve all the problems associated with the high fees charged by the universities. However, it has managed to reduce the pressure on the candidate. Now the candidates who can afford to pay the fees can also get the desired degree and certificate. A person who cannot afford to pay the tuition fees can opt for the merit list.

Now the students have to submit the profiles online along with their fees. They need to provide the details about themselves and the details about the courses they are taking. This system helps in the quick assessment of the merits of the candidates. If they fit into the required categories they can immediately be contacted by the universities. Some of the institutes conduct the interview session online itself. So the candidates can interact with the teachers face to face through this medium.

There are certain institutions that are providing this facility online. So one can also contact these institutions for the purpose of finding out the details. However, those institutions that are offering merit-based online student admission process should provide the shortlisted candidates with the email addresses and contact numbers. The contact details should also be provided so that the candidates could get in touch with them in case of any problem.


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