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Monk 5e Class Guide For Dummies

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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When it comes to underdeveloped classes, the monk really is top of the line. Sure, it does not fit into the classic D&D trope many of us grew up with. Giant four-limbed war hammers? Nope.

But the Monk still offers a great number of different interesting features packed together with an excellent system for getting more out of your solo play. First, let’s cover what the monk 5e spec is based around. It is divided up into three trees; the Brewmaster, the Mistweaver, and the Spiritmaster. All three of these styles are built around different aspects of the monastic tradition. Let’s take a look at how they play out in detail.


The Brewmaster focuses on being an incredible tank. Much like the Paladin, the Brewmaster focuses on buffs to both parties and tanks to make them much more effective in combat. They excel at tanking and healing, but their lack of mobility makes them poor performers in PvP. A well-rounded Brewmaster monk helps to fill the role of a good tank and healer, while also offering solo play benefits and buffs to other melee classes.


The Mistweaver class is one that many WoW players haven’t heard of, and that is a shame. The Mistweaver has many useful abilities and also does quite well overall in both PvP and PvE. It has great offensive capabilities, including a powerful self-healing ability, a Dodge rating that rivals some tanks, and a powerful self-buff. The Mistweaver also offers powerful self buffs and debuffs, making him very hard to kill or ignore.


While the Monk is a solid tank, a poor healer, and an average PvP performer, the Spiritmaster takes things up a notch. The Spiritmaster is the master of buffs, debuffs, and healing. This makes the Spiritmaster superior to the other Monks at higher levels because he is so good at everything. At low levels, all three types of the Monk are about equally useful, but the Spiritmaster shines above the rest because of his incredible ki points, superior defensive stats, and powerful self-healing abilities.

The final basic class in the Monk 5e spec:

Sage The Sage is the final basic class in the Monk 5e spec. He has a powerful attack, great defense, and incredible utility. The Sage gets a few skill points in the form of Spiritmaster mastery, which allows him to heal himself or others and apply buffs and debuffs. At the highest levels, the Sage gets superior stats, improved weapon skills, and the ability to place two pets at one time. The Sage is the ideal monk for leveling up quickly, and he can easily be one of the more popular characters to choose at level 18.

Ninja The third tier in the Monk 5e spec is the ninja. At the highest levels, you will want to focus on flurry blows, weapon mastery, and finally, the ability to gain an immense burst of Ki when you use a flurry blow. Most players will only use one or two flurries in a game, so the ability to keep your opponents from having free reign at the beginning of the fight makes. The an ninja is excellent for leveling up quickly and with fewer hit points.


When playing the Monk 5e in MMORPGs, be sure to remember the different stances that each player can take. Being able to change from a certain stance to another is a great way to either gain damage or survival benefits or hinder your opponents from doing the same. Remember that in MMORPGs, a monk can also learn martial arts techniques to further improve their abilities as well. Be sure to look at the different stances available to choose the right one for you!



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