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Is PenTest+ worth it?

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The certification of CompTIA PenTest+ is an utterly vendor-neutral penetration testing examination. The certification exam of the following is not as illustrious as CEH or as complicated as OSCP. But we can never say that the certification exam of CompTIA PenTest+ is easy to qualify. Individuals have to try very hard to prepare for the examination with distinction. The following is a crucial certification for any information technology professional looking forward to diving into the field of security. It can be considered a prerequisite. Even experienced security professionals trying to enhance their expertise in the following area can also go for the CompTIA PenTest+ certification.

Whether or not individuals can consider the certification of CompTIA PenTest+ cost and time effective. The certificate is worth the time, effort, and expense. The expense of achieving the accreditation stays entirely dependent on the experience and goals of the individual’s career.

This article will discuss the CompTIA PenTest certification itself. We will discuss whether the certificate is worth it based on numerous experiences and try to conclude.

What does CompTIA PenTest+ be?

The CompTIA PenTest+ credential is an intermediate or entry-level certification which is very helpful for the candidates. It adds immense value to the resume of the candidates. The middle-level Information Technology exam has specific rules which individuals need to keep in mind. To achieve the credential, individuals need to have a 165-minute test. The exam has questions of only multiple-choice types and requires the individuals to answer 85 questions. The passing mark is 750 out of 900, which is scoring 83% in the test.

CompTIA does not publish the pass rates, but individuals can know their results by checking the subreddit. Unlike CEH practical or OSCP, the certification exam of CompTIA PenTest+ is based on the theoretical understanding. This part doesn’t mean that the examination is not complex. The exam is also not entirely of multiple-choice type. The certification exam combines performance-oriented questions with multiple-choice kinds that are dragged and dropped, case-oriented, and practical at times. For example, individuals might come across helpful questions which give them a situation and ask them to complete an N map command. The individuals will have 2 hours 45 minutes to appear for the entire exam.

Technically, the certification exam of CompTIA PenTest+ can be qualified by the candidates without system experience and fundamental networking if the individual has specific practical experience with penetration testing tools like Linux, Kali, and Nmap. But, the main objective of a skilled individual is to be successful in security, which means having expertise in both fields, whether theoretical or practical.

What kinds of individuals should go for CompTIA PenTest+?

The PenTest+ comprises vital aspects regarding the security and troubleshooting domains. This certificate holds credibility for candidates having an interest in the server realms. These IT professionals may include:

The certification exam of CompTIA PenTest+ is not expensive. It is a comprehensive value exam that enhances the lucrative skills of individuals in penetration testing and security. The following certification is most likely to be the first credential that individuals should achieve in pursuing a career in offensive security. The crucial credential highlights secured accessories in the firm. The information technology professionals who should go for CompTIA PenTest+ certification are:

Software Engineers

Network Engineers

Security Analysts

Systems Administrators

Individuals from the above fields have to do certain things with systems or devices or networks all over the job. This part becomes the reason why the professionals are recommended to have CompTIA PenTest+ certification. Different individuals have different fields for preparation. The individuals engaged in the field of networking can quickly adapt to this field because they have specific experience in the field of networking and scoping.


Looking forward to the increasing demand for cybersecurity in the modern generation, we can say that the certification of CompTIA PenTest+ is definitely worth the venture. It becomes a crucial part of heightening the expertise of the individuals in the field of security. Thus, the certification hints at a higher status in society with better pay ranges.


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