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Is Maya Hawke Gay? Robin From Stranger Things Has a Boyfriend?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Is Maya Hawke Gay? The Stranger Things star’s character Robin was lesbian but what about the actress’s sexuality in real life? (She’s not gay) Read on more for details.

Stranger Things has been a “strange” series that won everyone’s hearts with its unique genre and exceptional character development. Within the series, there are many characters but the one that stands out the most is Robin, played by Maya Hawke. 

Robin has been one of the most loved characters in Stranger Things and she was introduced in Season 3. As soon as the fans found out about Robin’s sexuality – that she’s lesbian, her acting was so good that we are not concerned if she is actually gay in real life.

In this article, we will answer if Maya Hawke is gay and who her boyfriend is (if any).

Who is Maya Hawke?

Maya Hawke is an American actress and model. She is best known for her roles in the television series Stranger Things and the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The actress and musician is known for her role in the Netflix series Stranger Things as Robin Buckley, Fear Street Part One: 1994, and Do Revenge. She has also released two albums, Blush and Moss.

She is the daughter of actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. If you’re an old Hollywood fan then a bell must have rung when you heard the name, Hawke. Ethan Hawke has also had a hell of an acting career in Hollywood and his daughter is just getting started.

Unfortunately, her parents got divorced in 2003 and finally officially divorced in 2005. 

Is Maya Hawke Gay in Real Life?

Maya Hawke is not gay in real life. She is straight. When Stranger Things fans found out about Robin’s character and that Robin was a lesbian, they speculated if she was gay in real life but that’s not true.

When it comes to her dating life, she hasn’t made anything public because she likes to stay away from the spotlight. Nevertheless, she has been spotted a number of times with musician Spencer Bernett.

Does Maya Hawke Have a Boyfriend?

Well, yes! Even though she hasn’t announced it publicly but some paparazzi pictures suggest that she is in a relationship with Spencer Bernett and they are a happy, romantic couple.

Does Maya Hawke Have a Boyfriend?
Image Source: TheImageDirect

Look at this lovely pic – the couple having the time of their lives. This picture was originally taken by The Daily Mail and posted on February 14th, 2022. This pretty much made it official that the couple is dating.

This clearly suggests that Maya Hawke is not gay, she is straight and the rumors about her being a lesbian in real life are false and baseless. 

It is said that Maya and Spencer met through her brother. Spencer Bernett belongs to a rich family; his parents are Roger Bernett and Sloan Bernett. Sloan is a former Manhattan district attorney while Roger is the CEO of Shaklee Corporation.

Maya Hawke Dating History

Since we’re on the topic of her private life and sexuality, it is obvious that the Stranger Things star has been straight as she was in several relationships before Spencer. 

Tom Sturridge

For example, she dated Tom Sturridge (The Sandman) in 2020 and the relationship lasted for 2 years. The couple has broken up at the start of 2022.

Gus Wenner

When we went deep into her Instagram account, we found out that Maya dated Gus Wenner (COO and President of Rolling Stone). Her old Instagram posts are full of the ex-couple’s wholesome pictures. It clearly shows that she was never gay, but dating guys from the start.

When we went deep into her Instagram account, we found out that Maya dated Gus Wenner (COO and President of Rolling Stone).
Image Source: Instagram

Robin in Stranger Things and Why the Internet Thought Maya Hawke is Gay

As stated earlier, Maya Hawke is one of the best actresses in the world. She portrayed the role of Robin in the third season of Stranger Things. Her acting was so good that the viewers, like us, started speculating about her sexuality and that she might actually be gay in real life. 

She was introduced in the third season as Steve’s workmate and she’s been rocking the screen since then. 

Robin in Stranger Things and Why the Internet Thought Maya Hawke is Gay
Image: Stranger Things S03

The story takes a turn when Steve breaks up with his girlfriend and every Stranger Things viewer thought that Steve and Robin would start dating as they have chemistry together and they match each other’s vibe.

And this is what exactly happened, but only Steve made a move on Robin. Robin responded that she didn’t see him that way and that she was not into boys. This is when we found out that Robin was lesbian and everyone started speculating that she was gay in real life.

Cameron Herren – Innocent or Guilty? New Developments in His Case

Robin and Steve were from the 80s and at that time, no one would’ve accepted that Robin was gay – she might actually be bullied at school so she kept it a secret. Steve was an exception and she trusted him with her secret. 

Final Words

All this proof and her previous boyfriends are a clear indication that Maya Hawke is not gay. But why did people think that Maya Hawke might be gay in real life?

There was one reason why people thought that Maya Hawke is gay. In general, people might make assumptions about someone’s sexual orientation for a variety of reasons, including the way they dress, the way they speak, or the people they spend time with. (in this case, her gay character)

However, it is important to remember that someone’s sexual orientation is personal and private, and it is not acceptable to make assumptions about someone’s sexual orientation without their consent.

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