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How To Write A Press Release

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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With everyone consuming their share of news via the internet, publishing news has never been easier. While this comes with its pros and cons of course, businesses are now able to easily market themselves through sharing news related to their company.

Press releases are an effective way of marketing and growing your company. The largest hurdle in getting a press release published about your company is being able to properly write one. So many businesses try to do press releases about literally nothing, and no news site will want to take that. 

In this article, we’re going to go over how to write the perfect press release that news sites will be happy to post for you.

What exactly is a Press Release?

Before diving in on how to properly write a press release, it’s important to understand what a press release should achieve, and what it shouldn’t. 

A press release should be written purely in fact, and not contain any opinions. If your company does not have anything new to share, you probably shouldn’t make a press release. Try not to think of it as a promotional article for your business, and rather what it really is: a formal, official announcement. An example of a press release that really had something to share can be found here

A press release shouldn’t try to convince the reader of anything. It’s not a pitch for your product, and it’s not an advertisement either. 


Like most online articles today, the headline is a crucial component of the press release. Some argue the headline is actually the most important feature to include in a press release. Many news sites will not even take a look at your article if the headline isn’t up to par.

Fortunately, creating a good headline isn’t that tricky. Just try to think of the shortest summary of the contents of your press release, and make it sound interesting of course. 


It’s important to keep the press release brief, but also detailed. Don’t repeat anything you have already said, as excessive repeating can make readers think the press release is purely for publicity. 

If you’re struggling to find what to include, here are a few things you can think of:

What is the news?
Why is this news important?

How will this impact the business?

Your Conclusion

The conclusion of your press release should include some information about your company. This could be a small paragraph at the end that briefly states what the business of your company is, and any other key information.

Some news sites, like PR News, will allow you to include contact information at the very end of the article. We cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you are including your contact info in every news site that will let you. 

Bottom Line

A press release is a formal, official announcement sent out by your company. While they can be used with the main intention to promote your business, we do not recommend writing a press release if there is truly nothing worth sharing. 


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