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How to Use the Split Screen in Chromebook

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In this new Chrome OS-powered operating system, you get to enjoy the convenience of split-screen on the Chromebook. Instead of having two separate displays, it is all integrated into one with a skinny bezel. It is also referred to as multi-touch input or multi-gesture input.

A split-screen is an application, feature, or capability that allows users to split up their screen vertically or horizontally. Split-screen enable the user to view various parts of the screen at the same time. These days many people use split-screen technology on their computer to improve productivity and efficiency. It can be seen as a handy tool for working on multiple applications at the same time. It is also helpful for those who want to own two windows open at the same time. You can see a split-screen by hovering your cursor over the top half of the screen.

Advantage Of Working On Split Screen

The main advantage of having a split-screen is that you can access two different instances of the same application without minimizing or maximizing them separately. When you use a standard computer monitor, this is not possible. To make things even more convenient, many modern Chromebooks also support Miracast, a form of instant messaging similar to Skype. This makes it very easy to stay in contact with your friends on the go, or wherever you happen to be, since you won’t need to stop the computer from taking phone calls!

Once you have learned how to split screen on Chromebooks, you can experience the convenience that these devices provide without having to deal with using two different machines. Your information will load faster, and with fewer errors, so you can get right back into work or play without any hassle. Just remember to keep your pages bookmarked and use the recommended applications. With your new device, you can experience how to split screen on Chromebooks immediately!

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Different Ways You Can Try

There are many ways to use the split-screen on Chromebook. As a result, you can focus more readily on what you are trying to accomplish with the keyboard and trackpad instead of just tapping on the touch-sensitive screen to see what is displayed on the proper display.

The first thing you will notice about how to split screen on Chromebook is that there are two ways of doing it. You can either press and hold the ‘alt’ key while starting up your laptop, or you can do it by hitting your character (usually C). So, how to split screen on Chromebooks? If you are using the official Google Chrome browser, you will have access to a separate login area and a different menu for your tabs. You will see your recent activities and other options such as switch windows on the second screen.

Dragging Windows Manually

One way is to use a book to browse through your online email. Then tap on the split-screen to open the email in a new window. You can then draw and drop objects from one window to another. This works best if you have several windows open and are working on different tasks at once.

Definition Ways

Another way to use the split-screen on Chrome is to look up words and then type the word’s definition into another window. When you come across a report that you know is in the book but do not have the eBook opened, tap the enter key twice, and the definition will appear. This works even if the page is already open in another window. You can tap on the split-screen to bring up the word’s meaning, and when you can type anything, you need to write.

Turning On Orientation

When you are using a book to read about an area of interest, one of the most significant ways to obtain the most utmost out of the split screen on Chrome is to turn off the orientation. By turning off the direction, you can see a different landscape from the top of the page than what you would get with the standard page view. In many cases, this can make the book easier to read. In other instances, it can cause the layout of the page to change. This is especially useful when the page has images or graphics on it.

One of the essential things about practicing a split screen on Chrome for something other than reading is that the split screen can serve as the navigation center of the page. If you type in the name of the website or page but do not have any pictures, you can tap on the split-screen to see the definition and location of the picture on the web page. The split-screen on Chromebook does not always remember which side was the beginning or end of the sentence or word, so if you come across this while reading your book, keep tapping on one of the sides until the definition is clear. This works well in any browser.

Splitting Screen For bookmarks Spectates

Another way that you can use split-screen on Chrome is to make your bookmark manager. You can add a lot of bookmarks to this area and then see all of them at one time when you are in a specific location on the web page. You will know where you saved the bookmark, and you can also see how many of them are currently active. If you want to see the active ones, you need to touch one of the icons, and it will automatically hide the others.

You might want to use split-screen on Chrome so that you can see all of the bookmarks on one page. If you have a lot about bookmarks on your PC or laptop, this is a very convenient feature. You can even see all of the bookmarks even when you are not on the website you saved them. You may even require to keep any of the bookmarks on websites that do not offer free services.

Final Thoughts

However you like to use split-screen on Chrome, there are a few things that you should remember. For example, while you have lots of bookmarks on your PC or laptop, you may not want to have them all on the same page at once. This can look messy and complicated, and it may even cause your computer to slow down. Instead, set up separate windows so that each website can take up its own space on your desktop or laptop.


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