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How to Use Fitness Inspiration for Your Goals

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Do you want to start fitness training but are unsure where to begin? Have you tried strength training and are struggling to stay motivated? You are not alone, but the good news is with some simple steps, you can get yourself on track.

According to research, it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a new habit due to the many different variables involved. So, until your fitness training becomes a breeze to commit to, how can you stick with your fitness goals? The answer is using fitness inspiration. 

Read on for everything you need to know to use fitness inspiration to meet your fitness goals. 

What Are Fitness Goals? 

Americans spend around $397 million on unused gym memberships annually. You can have the best intentions to start fitness training, but it can be hard to stay on track without focus or direction. It takes consistency and dedication to achieve muscle growth and weight loss goals, even if people make it seem easy online. 

Behind the progress and transition pictures you see are fitness goals. Fitness goals are challenges or aims you set yourself. Fitness goals can come in different forms but should be realistic for you. 

Here are some examples:

  • Workout for a certain number of days per month
  • Do a certain number of push-ups or pull-ups 
  • Participate in a sporting event 
  • Learn a new workout 
  • Meet a certain step count every day 
  • Achieve a specific percentage of muscle growth 

There are many fitness goals that you can set, which depend on your specific aims. You may also receive fitness goals if you have a trainer or participate in a specific routine, such as macro tracking or bodybuilding. You may also have particular aids to help you meet your fitness goals; find out where to buy SARMs here. 

Set Fitness Goals 

Setting fitness goals can feel challenging, especially if you are beginning your fitness journey. However, starting with goals you know you can achieve is the best option. For example, the CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and two days of muscle strength training per week, so start by thinking about how you can meet this target.

You can also follow the S.M.A.R.T. Principle, which is when you make sure your goals are: 

  • Specific
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable 
  • Realistic
  • Time-based 

This formula can help you set fitness goals that you will keep. Time-based goals do not have to be for what you want to achieve in a specific time frame; they can also include reducing your 5k time by a certain amount by a set date. Attainable goals and realistic overlap, so you can also change attainable to adjustable goals or action goals if it feels more suited. 

Benefits of Fitness Goals 

There are many reasons why you should set fitness goals. These include:

  • Keep yourself accountable
  • Measure your progress
  • Stay motivated
  • Be efficient with workouts 
  • Progress faster

Fitness goals can help you measure your progress and see all your achievements along the way. Otherwise, the end goal may feel overwhelming, and you may overlook your progress. But how can you get inspired when setting your fitness goals?

What Is Fitness Inspiration?

Fitness inspiration refers to the different ways you are inspired to stay on track or get started with your own fitness goals. It can be things that drive your motivation to continue to exercise and prioritize your well-being. After all, you can have great fitness goals, but if your inspiration is not there, you will struggle to keep going. 

Inspiration can come from extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation focuses on the inspiration and motivation from within, such as enjoying the post-workout dopamine hit. Extrinsic motivation refers to long-term fitness goals, such as the motivation to fit into a specific dress. 

Types of Fitness Inspiration 

You can use different types of fitness inspiration to achieve your fitness goals. Intrinsic motivation helps you focus on finding enjoyment in the activity, whereas extrinsic goals help you focus on longer-term aims. Here are some of the types of fitness inspiration to check out. 

Online and Social Fitness Inspiration 

Social fitness inspiration refers to the people you surround yourself with to help you stay motivated. It can also include people you look up to and follow on different platforms, such as social media platforms. 

The person may be someone you work out with, your coach, or a friend who has been following a similar exercise regime for some time. It may also be a fitness influencer or athlete you admire who is completing a type of workout you are interested in, such as strength training.

Fitness Inspiration Rewards 

Rewards can also inspire you to stay motivated with exercise, as long as you remain in control of the frequency. This may be when you achieve a fitness goal; you reward yourself with something to aid your journey. It could be a new piece of fitness equipment or an extra rest day. 

Personal Fitness Inspiration

Focusing on your journey and the person you are becoming can also be a great fitness inspiration. You can focus on the future, who you want to become, or focus on the consequences of not continuing with your fitness goals. And it is essential to focus on where you are at in this moment and all your achievements. 

Fitness Challenges 

Setting fitness challenges can also be a great way to keep your fitness goals exciting and try something new. Many groups have different challenges to try, especially if you have specific fitness goals. It can keep things interesting and help you not get too comfortable with your fitness routine. 

Benefits of Fitness Inspiration

Fitness inspiration can help you maintain motivation to stick with your fitness goals. Sometimes you need a reminder of why you are pushing yourself with fitness and strength training, which fitness inspiration can help you with. Fitness inspiration can also be a great way to help inspire and determine your fitness goals, pushing you to find out what you are capable of. 

Fitness Inspiration Goal Setting 

So, how can you utilize fitness inspiration to help set and stay on track with your business goals? You are not alone if you have spent time scrolling online watching others working out but not feeling inspired to do the same. However, with the right approach, fitness inspiration can help inform and push your fitness goals to the next level.

Online Fitness Inspiration

One of the benefits of the rise of the internet is the ability to access fitness inspiration. Over 85% of Americans own a smartphone, which means many tapping into the online world for fitness inspiration. There are many ways you can do the same, including:

  • Joining an online fitness community
  • Following fitness guides and athletes 
  • Watching motivational videos

There are many online programs and communities to help you stay accountable for your fitness goals. Many of these communities provide inspiration for different workouts to try, and it can be motivating to follow along with others on similar fitness plans.

You can also get fitness inspiration from following fitness influencers and athletes online. It is important to be wary of online social media use and whether it positively or negatively impacts your mental health. However, it can be beneficial if you find people to follow who provide positive content that supports your fitness journey.

You can learn different workouts to try or join an online workout if you need some inspiration. There are also many different workout plans, food guides, and other ways to support your well-being online. You can also get inspiration by seeing someone else’s transformation or watching motivational videos to get you in the zone before a workout. 

Social Fitness Inspiration 

Social fitness inspiration does not only have to be through a screen. You can also find gym buddies or join a fitness group for inspiration. They can help you stay on track with your goals, as you can even set shared goals, such as completing a sports challenge.

Even if you’re not in the mood to work out, if you have an agreement with a friend or trainer, you are more likely to show up anyway. While it is essential to factor in rest days, if it is a workout day, after the workout, you are guaranteed to feel happy you stayed on track and completed it!

Trainers can also provide fitness inspiration. They can offer solutions to help you move forward with your fitness training and inform your fitness goals. Trainers can be found in gyms, online, and in different workout spaces. 

You can also read books on famous athletes to understand their journey and struggles, which can help remind you that there are many steps in everyone’s fitness journey. There are also plenty of podcasts and other media forms out there to help inspire your fitness journey. 

Fitness Inspiration Rewards

Rewards for reaching specific fitness goals should support your fitness journey and overall well-being, not inhibit it. You could treat yourself to a new workout outfit or an extra rest day each month. Or maybe you treat yourself to a spa visit or your favorite meal. 

Personal Fitness Inspiration

There are many ways you can become your own fitness inspiration. Having a vision board where you stick up photos of what you want to achieve and motivating quotes may help you. Create motivating music playlists to help inspire you to work out or set reminders on your phone.

Tracking your progress can also be a great way to stay inspired. You can take regular photos to check your muscle growth or make notes of new personal bests each time you manage a new weight while strength training. It is not all about the numbers either when it comes to fitness inspiration; goals such as feeling good each day and confident entering the gym are worth noting.

Fitness Challenges 

Often, people do not realize what they are capable of until they try, which is the great thing about fitness challenges, which can gradually and safely help you meet new fitness goals. You can find many fitness challenges at your local gym, in your local area, and online.

You can sign up for a personal challenge, such as doing a set amount of push-ups each day, which can help you eventually meet a specific push-up goal. You can choose whether to share this online too, which is another way to inspire others and stay accountable.

Gyms often have challenges for fun or for rewards, which may help inspire your own fitness goals. Or, you can set your fitness challenges. Maybe ask a friend to get involved and set each other a challenge based on current fitness levels.

Alternatively, research local events in your area. Consider signing up for a run, which is a S.M.A.R.T. goal but will help inform your training plan. Or there might be another event you are interested in trying, such as a strength competition. 

You can also find fitness challenges that inform your long-term fitness goals. For example, you might want to hike up a mountain like Mount Kilimanjaro.

This fitness challenge can help inform your overall training plan, well-being, and fitness goals. Whether the goal is attainable in a year or beforehand does not matter. When combined with achievable goals, you can keep your sights on this long-term goal and have a constant source of inspiration when working towards your other fitness goals. 

Use Fitness Inspiration for Your Fitness Goals

Fitness inspiration comes in many forms, perfect to suit different fitness goals. After all, everyone has different motivations and reasons for fitness training. Determining what type of fitness inspiration works best for you may take time.

However, like with strength training and weight loss goals, patience is vital. Your fitness journey should be about empowering you, not punishment. Being kind to yourself, getting enough rest, and self-care are valid fitness goals that will help your fitness journey more than unachievable goals or unhealthy fitness inspiration.

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