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Much of what is discussed on this blog is about growing a following on Facebook and other social media sites. The actions you can take to attract new users, both on and off the site, are extensively discussed. Getting an audience is one thing, but keeping them engaged and targeted is quite another. 

All the social media platforms serve multiple purposes, but Facebook is pretty unique. If you want to keep your Facebook audience adhered to your page, you have to work accordingly. If you still think you are not getting the attention, you can buy Facebook photo likes and get the recognition you always asked for. 

So, are you driving your followers away? Check to realize if you’re making any of these errors.


When you have a limited amount of time and a lot of work, automation is quite useful. But there’s a reason why most of the situations where automation is most useful are also the least obvious. It’s ideal for scheduling posts, producing meta titles automatically, and performing other tedious tasks. It’s not ideal for throwing up posts on your Facebook Page. Social media necessitates being social, which requires being visible and available to communicate on your platform. Users will notice if you have automated your articles. They’ll gradually cease clicking, commenting, and sharing. They will eventually realize they are following a robot page and will unfollow it. To avoid the evident robot symptom, add a few additional personal touches to your postings.


The majority of users follow your page for some reason. They might have liked your entry for a contest. They might follow you as a result of the giveaways you post. They never follow you because of your commercial posts. They understand you’re trying to sell something because you have a Page. If that’s all you’re doing, they won’t stick around for long. Avoid excessively sales-oriented conversations and posts. They’re OK when utilized sparingly, but if a user sees more than one in a given period, they’ll become agitated. Those fans won’t click your links and instead ignore your posts. Some people may block your posts.


There is frequently debate regarding the best time of day to release your updates for optimum visibility. If you’re posting important content, you want as many people to view it as possible. When you post more than one piece of information in a day, the dialogue becomes fragmented. Many businesses desire to publish two, three, four, or more posts every day. Some people make the mistake of scheduling all of them to post at the same time, which overloads your fans’ timelines. Determine two or three high-activity hours per day and arrange your posts around those times.


Users on Facebook have the same kind of short attention span. The longer your post is, the less likely it is that anyone will read it. If you submit five-sentence updates every day, you’re filling your users’ timelines with walls of text. Consider this: anything more than two sentences is excessively long. In your posts, aim for an average of brief headlines and hooks.


When you ask users to share a post, you will receive more shares than if the content was left alone. Unfortunately, there is a delicate line between requesting social involvement and pleading for social signals. Facebook penalizes the latter, but the former is favorable to everyone around.

The goal is to ensure that your post is more than just share bait. Don’t just publish a picture and ask users to share it. Instead, upload a useful infographic and encourage users to share it if they enjoyed it. Make sure users have a compelling reason to share it.


If you’ve followed all of the suggestions above and you’re still losing followers, you may need to reconsider your target demographic. You can attract a lot of people, but many of them will leave before the event ends. It’s always possible that your advertisement didn’t reach the correct people. It’s fine to lose supporters if they weren’t going to interact or convert anyhow.


We hope you find this blog informative enough to capture your audience again. You can get professional assistance from Socio traffic. We at Socio traffic offer plenty of social traffic services at affordable prices, you can buy real Facebook photo likes and get the number of followers. 


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