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How to keep qabza-mafia away from your property

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The ‘qabza-mafia,’ or land squatters, are becoming a major source of concern in the country’s real estate sector. It is a well-known practice in Karachi’s real estate industry, but it can be found throughout the nation. People from the qabza-mafia can set up illegal settlements on your property – whether it’s an empty house or a parcel of land – and make fraudulent rent or sales contracts. This blog discusses some of the strategies that can be applied to keep the qabza-mafia away from one’s property.

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The first thing to do is to make sure the property you’re purchasing doesn’t belong to anyone else.  This is a critical move that will benefit investors in the long term. A little research may go a long way toward ensuring the safety of the investment. As soon as the buyers get their property documentation, they should notify the appropriate development authorities in their region regarding the transfer of property.

These authorities are different for each region with the CDA being responsible for Islamabad, KDA being responsible for Karachi, and so on. If the development authorities are engaged from the start, dealing with them will be much easier.


The second strategy to keep the qabza-mafia away from your property is to construct a boundary wall around the property. This might appear to be a no-brainer, but it’s important. A fence or a wall serves as a warning to would-be land-grabbers that this property isn’t vacant and that the real owner isn’t far away.

Even if investors don’t put up an entire wall or metal fence, they make a visible boundary to let people know that the property isn’t available. People have even put-up street signs with the name and phone number of the genuine owner in some circumstances. This ensures that anyone who is looking at it is aware that the owner is nearby.

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Another strategy to keep the qabza mafia away is to make repeated visits to the area of the property to ensure that no unlawful building work is taking place. Investors should keep a healthy relationship with their neighbors so that they can inform the investors if the renters leave. If buyers are considering investing in the community or have already done so, they should make contact with the scheme’s management.

Investors should also make sure that all of the local real estate agents are aware that they own the property and contact the region’s major real estate companies. This might appear to be a time-consuming task, but many reliable sources claim that these strategies may help you stay secure. This tactic is very important for regions that are prone to land grabbing incidents.



Another thing that investors should be aware of when duplicating real estate paperwork, investors need to be very cautious. If fraudsters or the qabza-mafia have possession of copies of the original papers, it is easy to create fakes. In other circumstances, if investors try to grasp this matter legally, the qabza-mafia members will refer to the documents. in this way they can prove to the authorities that the land is theirs and investors can lose their assets forever. To avoid such scenarios, its best to be careful when making copies of the documents and keep the original in a safe



Lastly, to provide the plot from being taken over by the qabza- mafia, realtors should invest their money and hire a security guard for the property. Even in upscale locations, an empty property or plot – due to the owner being out of town/country – might encourage unlawful occupation. Land-grabbers or the qabza-mafia will be kept at bay by hiring a reliable security guard, and investors will be notified if there is a problem. Having a security guard present on the property can assist in keeping it safer than if it were left alone.

The measures listed above, if implemented, should be sufficient to keep the investor’s property safe for as long as possible no matter how long it remains unattended.

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