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How to Grow Tiktok Following?

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What is Tiktok? It is all about creating short and viral video content. Tiktok is the newest social media platform where people seem to have fun and earn too. Tiktok is also utilized by influencer marketing and small businesses for example EMMA MCCUE is a Tiktok model, dancer and influencer too. She already reached a big audience with her creative content. There are more than 100 million monthly users in the United States alone who use this platform. Once you create a Tiktok account there’s only one logical goal which is ‘growth’. Here are some tips to get the audience.

Tips to grow TikTok following

Post 4 to 8 times in a day

You have to post 4 to 8 times a day. This step will frequently reach the different types of audiences in the world which will help to grow your account more shortly. Just make sure that your content has a different variety at different times like teaching your audience about something related to your niche or making funny videos or if you are good at dance then do it on Tiktok to keep your audience entertained to increase your reach.

Join the trend

Participate in trends you see on the foryou page. If you are seeing the same content over and over again on your foryou page while scrolling then it’s trending. It’s trending because everyone is doing it so join it too

When you are doing the trend try to change the ending related to your niche or something to make the audience watch over and over to go viral on Tiktok.

Try hashtags

Use hashtags that are related to your niche to reach the targeted audience or hashtags like fyp or trending hashtags that will grow your account but don’t use hashtags with billion views because that way your video will get lost use hashtags with 300,000 or 1 million views to get the audience find your content.

Post on the right time

This is very important to know when your audience is most active because the more the audience will view your video the more your reach will increase. Try to post your content on the times when the audience is active. You can fix this by trying 2 to 3 weeks by posting at different times to check on your creator tool or analytics or you can also find it on the followers tab by scrolling down their activity and you will find out about their activities in days then try publishing your content on that time.

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