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How To Fix AOL Mail Attachment Problems?

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AOL formerly called as American Online is an extensively available free mail service which helps in networking hence used for mail services. As I already mentioned, it is easily available so it is extensively used as well. Every web portal is prone to constant traffic and is sometimes malicious, as a result facing issues like lagging. As a result of it, you require to troubleshoot the issues which require less hassle and are easily accessible, or in other words the ‘quick fixes’. Here I am going to tell you about those quick fixes, so keep reading.

How to Fix ‘Unable To Open Attachment In AOL’

Some of the quick fixes to troubleshoot the problem of being cannot open attachments in aol mail on iphone:

• Check if the File is Properly Downloaded
You have to sure that you are downloading the file correctly from your AOL email. For image, click on photo button and see the preview. Then scroll the cursor to check title and then click to download it. In case it is a file, then click on the file name to download it. The downloaded files and images are automatically saved in the Downloads folder of your system or you can just go to top right corner of your browser, click on the 3 dots option (shortcut ‘Alt + F’) and select Downloads option from the pull down menu. Then check for the file you have to open and click on ‘show in folder’ option and it will redirect you to the Download folder. In some browsers you can also press command ‘Ctrl + J’ to view your ‘Downloads’. 

How to Fix AOL Mail Attachment Problems?

• Incompatible Software

If you have the correct software to open the file for example, for opening the word file, you must have MS Office in your system. In case you don’t have the correct software to open the file then you cannot open it. It will show an error pop up saying that it cannot identify the file type. To avoid this make sure you have right resources.
• Try Downloading again

If you have applied both of the resolutions discussed above and you can still see that the problem exists, then there is another option for you that involve trying it from scratch i.e. restarting your device and then checking AOL mail to download again. It helps in removing some of RAM that can probably help you. You can also try doing it in other system from start.

Now if you’re all done and the problem still exists then you can use the AOL Quick Restore

Ways to fix AOL Mail Attachment Problems

For using this feature just go to Home and click on Start, type System and then press enter. You will see a whole big menu having multiple options and out of those options just keep scrolling until you have found ‘AOL System Information’. Click it. You can see a new window on your system. In this, select the option of ‘AOL Software’. After that you have to find out ‘Quick restore’ option and select it.

Now, you can see that the system is trying to restore your settings for AOL and till the time the process is running you don’t need to interrupt in between. If you do so, the whole progress will be affected and then you will have to start everything from scratch. So, wait for the time being, chill out and relax. In the meanwhile have a drink and then check the progress once you return. Once it is successful and it is done, you can click the close option.

Very unlikely if in case, after applying all these steps you are still aol attachments won’t open, then you can reach out to AOL customer support that is available 24hours everyday at every location. The executives will give you appropriate solutions that may come in handy for you.

I hope you find it helpful in any way and served your purpose.


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