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How to construct a DIY electric powered fireplace surround

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A person, guys, this tiny cave family room had been so boring just a month ago, using our DIY electric powered fireplace surround in addition to our big, daring tile, it’s entirely changed the feel in here in addition to spending as much period staring at this as we do watching TV. Here is how we performed it.

Who does not love a fireplace? It immediately gives warmth, a central point, and cozy vibes (even need you to be forever glistening within the California heat like us).

Since building this particular fireplace on the bare wall within our dwelling room, we virtually turn on the particular flames every evening no matter the particular weather since you may have the pictures of the fireplace without the temperature.

The build had been relatively complex (read: plenty of math), nevertheless, as usual, using it step-by-step obtained us there within the end.

Exactly how we built our own DIY electric fireplace surround

Consider this particular build in 4 sections – the bottom, the specific insert assistance, the mantel as well as the top. We produced from the base to the leading, but each component is secured towards the wall on its own to end up being able to be genuinely structurally sound. Here is how to help to make your own personal DIY electric-powered fireplace surround.

We all won’t give the full breakdown associated with the measurements of your fireplace because is considered very specific to be able to the room (and a number of the measurements happen to be probably a little bit smaller/weirder than we could recommend if most of us weren’t working all around our front door), so be sure to carry out your measurements ahead of time!

Remove your baseboard

In order to get the full structure to be able to be super strong and flush having the wall, you will need to take away the baseboard throughout the section where the fireplace will head out. We used some sort of crowbar and some sort of multitool to accomplish this, nonetheless, you could as well eliminate the whole part, is not sufficient down, together with a nail it rears into place when you don’t have got a multitool.

Create the base construction

Start by producing a rectangle out there of 2×4 that is the height in addition to the period of your fireside (minus the 1/2″ or 3/4″ size on the plywood of which you’ll wrap that in), then protect it to typically the wall using 3-inch screws into like many studs since you can. Create the remainder of the 2×4 cube and affix it to which wall brace. Most of us used pocket ditch screws to affix this, all in all, nonetheless, if you would not have a jean pocket hole jig an individual could use frequent screws and just simply pre-make the dice then attach that to the wall membrane.

Next, cover typically the cube in particleboard. If you’re organizing on drawers just like we did, in that case, wrap the facets and top, nonetheless, if you’re planning to just produce it like some sort of a regular hearth, an individual can go in advance and wrap typically the whole thing throughout plywood.

We pinned components of 1×3 to be able to frame the front edges so that it looked more finished, nonetheless, it largely would not be seen via the outside if you do not open the storage.

Start building together

Next, you’ll possibly be building your open fireplace insert support.

Some sort of quick note in our fireplace: most of us love it. Most of us partnered with Touchstone Home Products in this DIY electric fireplace surround employing their 36” part-time recessed electric open fireplace, but all the ideas on typically the product and guidance for building came up right from these kinds of two old geese that run this website.

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We cannot advise these inserts adequate for the reason that manual caused it to be really simple to style our own fireplace structure, it merely plugs into a great outlet like any kind of other appliance, in addition to it has diverse settings like the particular choice to temperature the room or perhaps have the feel of the fireplace together with the visual regarding flames.

Add the particular mantel to the particular leading

We’re extremely fancy and crucial, and we developed a mantel that will have hidden safe-keeping. We ran the cords down through the TV mount, from the mantel, down guiding the fireplace together within the outlet on the base involving our wall, so that it was sort of some sort of maze of gaps all throughout developing this piece..


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