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How to ace a do it yourself Garage Door Installation?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Life is monotonous, and sometimes we feel like we need to mix some things up. While change is constant, nothing will happen if you don’t do anything about it. So, if you want to get up and change the world, and if you want a new garage door, nothing should come in your way. That is why we have for you a comprehensive idea on self-garage door installation.

How to install a garage door by yourself 

There are many reasons why most people call professionals to make sure that their doors are in place. The primary one is being lazy and the rest do not have the knowledge to do so. But if you want to try out garage door installation by yourself, these tips might come in handy. 

The release 

Releasing the tension from the door will help your garage door installation massively. The tension needs to be cut out of the screws and hinges. Before you start struggling with getting your door out, unscrew and loosen the hinges of the screws. You can do this by clamping the spring shaft and then wedging them against the wall. You can then insert a steel rod into the holes made for tightening and loosen. This will loosen the screws and allow you to get the door open easily. 

Dissemble to assemble 

Now that you have managed to loosen the edges, you need to take out the door panels. Work your way from the top panels. Additionally, open the tracks that are connected to the frame by dissembling them by unbolting the screws.  

Attaching the panels 

For your new door, you have to start where you ended. You hedged the panels, and now it’s time to attach new panels to the door. Now use the axel and attach it to the lower panel along with the above one. Now hold the bottom panel in position and screw it with the wall. Make sure the panel is upright, or it may cause imbalance. 

Securing the hinges 

When you are done securing the above panel as well, it is time to work with the axels. You need to make sure everything is in position and the top panel and axel are supported by the bottom one. Make readjustments and secure everything with screws and hinges. 

Back on track 

It is time we install the track of the door. Keep the bracket of the door vertical as you install the track. Place the brackets against them all and check if the wheels are falling properly on the rack. Adjust accordingly and then secure it with an axel against the wall. Additionally, make sure you have the cable hook in place before you secure the bottom bracket. 

Things you will need for garage door installation 

Following is the list of tools and materials for your benefit. These will help you get through a successful garage door installation process. 


Adjustable wrench



Locking pliers


Socket and ratchet 

A Stepladder


A tensioning system

Garage door lubricant

Masking tape


Is it best to call a professional? 

The tools and the materials required for a proper garage door installation process may be overwhelming. Many people choose to opt for professionals when they are looking to change their doors. The professionals know what they are doing and will be able to give you personalized tips. These will help you in the long run. You can also observe how they work and what tools they use to their benefit to learn a thing or two. This will help you maintain the doors if not have a successful garage door installation. 


There are many things one needs to consider when going for DIY garage door installation. Regardless of the knowledge and experience, one needs to be very careful when handling sharp objects and drills. Children should not be allowed anywhere near for precaution. 



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