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How Online Tuition Singapore Works and Its Benefits for Your Child

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Classrooms are inherently busy environments. While some students thrive in these busy atmospheres, others can become distracted or lose their focus. Tutoring can help fill the gaps that occur, especially with hard-up subjects like maths and mother tongue language. In classes, teachers are so focused on finishing lessons on time as mandated by the syllabus that they cannot address individual student objectives and goals. Even the most seasoned teachers still tailor lessons to meet the demands of Singapore’s state tests.

How online tuition works

Just like traditional tutoring, online tutoring can provide the same supplemental academic help that one-to-one tutoring can do outside of regular school hours. With online tutoring in Singapore, highly qualified professionals deliver focused instruction, answer and verify any questions that students may have that they find difficult to ask in class, and assist with homework and assigned class projects.

The only difference with online tutoring is that it is delivered over the internet, in a virtual environment. Online tutoring became prevalent as a safety precaution because of the ongoing pandemic. What was once considered an alternate option, online tutoring has become a useful and permanent fixture for parents, students, and even tutors. It only requires the student, a tutor, a computer, a good Wi-Fi connection, and a designated study space in the home.  

Take a look at the benefits of online tutoring.


With one-to-one online tutoring, parents and tutors can be more flexible in scheduling learning sessions. Parents can schedule their child’s time to fit around the tutor’s availability, or if parents want to be around while the tutoring is going on. This means time convenience for everyone, even the student.

Tailored tuition Singapore

Online tutoring is personalised learning tailored to the Singapore syllabus environment. Since it’s only the student and tutor in the sessions, it means the syllabus can be curated to what the student needs to learn, focus on difficult or confusing lessons, and correct any learning weaknesses in the student.

Personalised and focused support

An online tutor provides focused and personalised support only to your child. The environment is no longer a noisy classroom but the tranquil atmosphere of a home. The tutor can give full attention throughout the session, constant access, and feedback. Unlike online classes that may cater to up to 20 participants at a time, your child no longer has to wait for an opportunity to ask any questions, work through difficult topics, or clarify hardpoints.

From core subjects like maths and physics to university subjects like Law, there is always an online tutoring programme (such as in FamilyTutor) available that caters to a whole range of subjects 

Expert tuition no matter where you are in Singapore

Online tutoring eliminates any geographical constraints and connects with expert tutors from anywhere in Singapore. This online learning concept means your children can connect with the best tutors around the country no matter where you are. Your children experience quality education without the need to leave the comfort of home.

Learning at the student’s own pace

One-to-one online tuition removes the pressure to keep pace with other students in a classroom environment. This means that a student doesn’t need to feel conscious if he or she is falling a little bit behind or going fast ahead because the important factor is to get a grip on the learning material before moving on to the next topic.

Access to additional learning materials and practise exercises

Experienced online tutors have accumulated a large resource bank over the years, filled with helpful learning materials and practice exercises. These resources are wide-ranging from practice papers, video lectures, practise questions, and notes, to past papers. These resources can be utilised by tutors and students to practise correct applications of concepts.

Why choose FamilyTutor for online tutoring?

  • FamilyTutor is well established and is considered the people’s favourite online tutor in Singapore agency.
  • A suitable tutor is matched to your child not just to improve your child’s grades but also to build a good rapport and meaningful relationship with the student and the parents as well.
  • All our tutors are experienced and MOE and NIE trained, whether full-time or part-time tutors. Each tutor has excellent academic qualifications and can teach students online.
  • Our tutors are trained to spot and identify a child’s weak areas and help them to strengthen these.

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