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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Celebrity Singer?

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Are you looking for a way to intrigue your guests to attend your next event? Do you want to make your event a momentous occasion that everyone will remember? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about hiring a celebrity singer.

But how much does it cost to hire a celebrity singer? How much value can a celebrity singer really add to the event you’re planning? Why is hiring a singer such a vital component of the party-planning process?

See below for an in-depth guide that answers all of these questions. You’ll understand the importance of it right away.

Why Should I Hire a Celebrity Singer?

Some of you out there might be wondering why you should hire a singer for your event. Is it smart to spend a good portion of your event budget to get a recognizable name for your entertainment?

The cost of celebrity singers is one of the most common misconceptions out there. People tend to think they’ll cost more than they actually do, but we’ll get into that more in a moment.

Why is hiring famous singers so important for your event/party? First, it can boost attendance for your event. If your previous events haven’t been getting as many people there as you’d hoped, then hiring a famous singer can create buzz surrounding your event.

Next, a celebrity singer can give you a higher return on your investment. For example, let’s say you’re throwing a fundraising event for your nonprofit organization. By hiring a celebrity singer, you’re ensuring that more people will show up. The more people that show up, the more people that will donate to your cause.

Also, celebrity singers are professional entertainers at the top of their field. They know how to keep the crowd involved and interested. This guarantees that your guests will all have a fun and memorable time at your event.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Celebrity Singer?

Unfortunately, this isn’t an all-for-one answer. The cost of the celebrity singer depends on—you guessed it—the singer or band that you wish to hire.

The cost can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over $1 million—if you’re looking for superstars like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. For those of you looking for a noteworthy name that fits the budget, be sure to look for local bands near me.

It’s important to note that celebrity singers can be a bit selective on the events that they greenlight for. If you want to lock them down for your event, you have to make it worth their while. Make them an offer that they can’t refuse (while also staying within your budget).

Most celebrity singers charge on either a per-song or per-hour basis. The way they choose to charge will depend on their popularity. For example, a local band will be more likely to charge per hour, while the Zac Brown Band would charge per song.

If you’re wanting to hire a famous singer/band, be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars per song. If you wish to hire a local band that guests will recognize, then they should only cost a few hundred dollars per hour. See where the negotiations take you!

Suitable Events to Hire a Celebrity Singer

Now that you have seen how much it costs when hiring a famous singer, see below for some of the most suitable events to hire one.


As if this wasn’t already going to be the best night of the bride and groom’s life, you can help them book their favorite singer/band for their reception!

Whether you think that song is actually within your budget or not, it never hurts to ask! There are many weddings out there that are having famous singers perform their top three songs, then hire a DJ for the rest of the night (to keep costs at a minimum).

Even if you only get them to perform a few songs, having a famous celebrity perform at your wedding create an unforgettable memory!

Corporate Events

Come for business, stay for the entertainment! No successful commercial event is complete without a way to keep the troops (or guests) entertained; to make it worth their while.

You can hire a singer for your next big company or corporate event. This will ensure that you get a high number of attendees and that everyone will enjoy themselves.

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You might also consider hiring a keynote speaker for your next corporate event, which is a similar process to hiring a celebrity singer.


Celebrity singers like to make money, sure. But they also enjoy giving back to the community and finding ways to use their talents to promote worthy causes.

If you’re looking for the best way to wrap a pretty bow on your nonprofit’s next fundraising event, then hire a celebrity singer that people will recognize. It won’t just get them to the event, it will ensure that they stay for the duration of it.

Not to mention that, if you pay them a bit more, the celebrity singer can encourage your attendees to donate, participate in the raffle, volunteer, and more!

Hire a Celebrity Singer for Your Next Event

Now that you have seen an in-depth answer to your question of “How much does it cost to hire a celebrity singer?” Be sure to use this to your advantage.

Take the time to browse your website for more articles on how to hire a singer, as well as many other topics you will find helpful.


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