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How is an Online Share Trading app Useful for Trade Free Plan? 

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Investing and trading in the stock market are becoming immensely popular in India. It is because more of the populace is becoming financially literate. Every day, the number of Indians learning about stock market investing and the benefits of compounding is increasing. Another integral factor responsible for attracting more and more people to the stock market is the introduction of online share trading

Online share trading enables you to trade and invest in stock online using a device like your mobile phone. In the early days of stock trading, you had to trade or invest through a physical broker. This broker then would go to the stock exchange and complete the transaction on your behalf. 

Demat and Trading Accounts 

However, when it comes to online share trading, the online broker’s primary role is to provide you with services to trade online. These services are in the form of a Demat account and trading account. A Demat account lets you store your shares in a dematerialized form and helps safeguard them. Trading accounts services, on the other, let you trade and place orders online.

You can open your trading account and Demat account with Kotak Securities for absolutely zero cost by visiting the Kotak Securities website. You can also open an account by downloading the Kotak Stock Trading App on the App Store if you are an Apple user. Whereas if you are an android user, you can download Kotak’s stock market app from the Google Play Store and start the account opening process. After completing the account opening process, you can start trading shares online. 

Stock Market Mobile App

A newbie in the stock market is likely to use their mobile phone as their primary device to buy and sell stocks. Hence a stock market app must be easy to use and get used to. But at the same time, it should feel complete; it should not skimp on features. The Kotak Securities stock market mobile app comes with a bundle of features. Its user interface is simple to understand and easy to interact with. 

Using the app, you trade shares with just a couple of clicks and a swipe. Using the app, you can trade in equities, equity derivatives (Futures and Options), and currency derivatives. With the search function, you can easily search for any scrip or stock of any publicly listed company listed on the Indian stock exchanges. 

You can then track the stocks or scrips you decide to shortlist by watchlisting them. You can access your watchlist by clicking on the watchlist tab at the bottom of the screen. At the same time, you can sort your orders to make it easier to analyze your positions and make other training decisions. 

The app also gives you live updates regarding the stock market and shows you the live performance of major indices like the Nifty 50 Index and the Sensex. The app allows you to view and manage your stock portfolio in real-time. You can view all your Demat account holdings. Since Kotak securities is a full-service stockbroker, one gets access to research reports on different companies. Experienced research analysts at Kotak Securities draft these reports. 

However, online share trading requires the trader to also conduct their research before making any trades. As a trader, you need to analyze a stock from a technical perspective. You can use the mobile app to view the price chart of different stocks. You can apply various indicators to these charts to help you analyze. 


A competent trader should identify different trends and patterns formed on these price charts. However, as technology evolves, people expect their phones to handle their daily tasks efficiently. Many people depend on trading for a living. That is why stockbrokers must optimize their mobile trading apps so that it does not scare the newbies, but at the same time, it lets a professional trader trade efficiently. 

Kotak Securities helps attract new potential traders and investors to the stock markets allowing them to set up a Demat account for free and giving them access to a complete, functional, and easy-to-use app. It also contains all the necessary features a professional trader might desire. 


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