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A knowledge base software has become a need of an hour. The usage of knowledge-based software is the new face of every organisation that needs to share information with its customers and clients. They have usually become help centres for people who want to help themselves. They typically include FAQs, Video Tutorials, and AI-based query resolution. Wolken software offers a distinct knowledge base software to suit your company’s needs and a guide towards choosing the top knowledge base software.

Listed below are the steps in choosing the best customer-oriented knowledge-based software system:

  • Need for the current situation

From an organisation’s point of view, there is a particular need to be adhered to for incorporating a knowledge base software in their day-to-day website process. Firstly, an organisation needs to understand the need for knowledge-based software and how it will benefit the consumer and the end customers.

  • Information assessment

Secondly, one needs to understand where the information is stored and how are consumers accessing information and what can be done for easy accessibility. It’s imperative to analyse the challenges in current practice and what shall be the base of knowledge-based software to incorporate significant changes and lessen the amount of employees’ hassle.

  • Checklist for basic requirements in knowledge-based software

Once the information is assessed, you need to make a checklist of the essential requirement in your knowledge-based system. This helps in communicating better with the vendors and conveying your requirement better. You can also look into your checklist and rank vendors as to which vendor provides the best knowledge-based solution and meets all your basic needs.

  • Options and features provided 

Various features need to be featured in knowledge-based software as per your need. It doesn’t matter if the organisation is big or small, and you can have an extensive list to meet your knowledge-based management software requirement. Look for vendors having a wide variety of features in your software, including Advanced Search, User-friendly Interface, Feedback function, and Document version control.

  • Think of the benefits 

The main reason for incorporating knowledge-based software is its benefits and customer satisfaction. There are significant benefits one can come across, and all the benefits shall be analysed and looked into to see if it’s meeting the end goal.

Start Paraphrasing: There can be many advantages such as Fewer name transfers, a higher first name resolution rate, Improved customer satisfaction, Reduced customer effort, Reduced coaching and onboarding time, Providing steady and exceptional support, and centralising expertise into a single repository.

  • Look into the top knowledge base software

Now it’s time to put together all the basic requirements and start looking for a good vendor. Once you choose the knowledge base software, you can contact and request your vendors for pricing quotations.

  • Pricing 

The pricing shall be fair and not over your business needs require. You can also communicate with your vendor for a discount and make sure you choose knowledge-based software that suits your budget needs and your potential requirements.

  • Specifications

An organisation needs to look into particular specifications on the vendors’ side. The installation process, Integration of software, functionality, and customer support scenarios holds significant importance and need to be discussed not to be a deal-breaker further.

  • Demo

Once you shortlist your vendors, you need to ensure that you get a proper demo. After the demo, there shall be a formal internal discussion session and feedback on what needs to be changed. The business heads shall review if all your organisation’s requirements are aligned together.

  • Asking the final questions and making a selection

If there are any queries from the organisation’s end, they need to be addressed clearly with the vendor. There might be specific questions that organisation personnel can ask regarding integration time, support executives specifications, standard implementation process, and any other know-how by IT professionals. The final decision shall only be made after all your questions and queries are solved, and you are satisfied with the product quality and standard.

There may be multiple options, and you need to have a clear vision of what you want to bring to on table while choosing a top knowledge base software. Wolken software guides you and helps make your decision-making easy, with all the customisations and for improving the customer’s experience overall.


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