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Follow Easy Procedure of Court Marriage with Nikahnama Details

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Procedure of Court Marriage with Nikahnama Details:

If you wish to conduct the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan with nikahnama details, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. The contention of judgment-debtor that once compromise was always a compromise” is misconceived and ill-founded because compromise inter see parties are conditional which is revoked by husband father himself for the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan with nikahnama details.


Suit decreed in terms of compromise whereby the wife agreed to live with the husband and, in return, the husband shifted the dowry articles to the house where the spouses were to live together. The wife refused to live with the husband after disposal of the suit and filing suit for dissolution of marriage. Which was decreed by the Family Court Execution of the decree in favor of the wife for the return of dowry articles would amount to execution of a partial order in her favor which is not just and proper as the Executing Court cannot go behind the decree.

Wife Obligation:

The wife is releasing herself from performing her obligation on her side under the law granted in favor of the husband for the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan with nikahnama details. The Supreme Court disposed of the appeal; installment paid based on the undertaking but the minor moved application for contempt on non-payment of the next installment. Supreme Court directed the executing Court to execute the decree and ensure recovery arrears of maintenance to the judgment debtor within six months.  Petitioner assailed Family Court and Appellate Court orders whereby permission was granted to the respondent to implead minor as a decree-holder in the execution petition.

Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan:

Authority of executing Court for the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan with nikahnama details could not be undermined or narrowly Construed to take away an inherent power/authority to allow an amendment to remove a defect, sought to be removed within the prescribed period of limitation and without any prejudice to the petitioner. It envisaged such power under R. 17 of O.XXI, C.P.C. No embargo was placed on the executing Court to allow amendment in the execution, as long as it caused no prejudice and the intended amendment did not travel beyond the decree. Intent and objective to deny fruits of the law to minor, who happened to be a daughter of the petitioner, was mischievous and lacking bona fides. No reason to exercise discretion when it caused no prejudice to the petitioner for the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan with nikahnama details. The constitutional petition was dismissed.

Payment of Money:

Its decree for payment of money by adopting modes that provide recovery of arrears of land revenue. Liability of grandfather to maintain his grandchildren would start when father was poor and infirm, and mother was also not in a position to provide maintenance to her children. Such liability of grandfather was dependent upon the fact that he was in easy circumstances. If father and mother were alive, then grandfather could not be held responsible for maintaining his grandchildren unless it first determined that he was in straightforward cases for the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan with nikahnama details. Family Court was bound first to adjudicate and determine such fact, which it could not do unless he was a party to the suit and had a fair opportunity to explain his status and position.


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