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Factors to consider on selecting kids bikes

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Kids love to play a wide variety of games, and they also like to have fun in various adventurous activities. Parents always try to fulfill these needs by presenting different accessories and materials. Kids’ bikes are one of the most common gifts every parent buys for their kids. These are the most anticipated gifts by every child. There are several types of kids bikes for sale in the market. It makes selecting the proper one confusing. Also, bikes with various features are available, thus choosing the right one for the child is significant for their satisfaction.

There are two determinants to consider before the selection of the bike. The essential factors and features are these two determinants.

Essential factors

Several significant factors can affect the selection of bikes. Some of which are,

  • Kid’s age: The primary concern of bike selection is the kid’s age. The bikes suitable for almost all ages are available, so selecting as per age is not hard for parents. Bikes that are not appropriate for your child’s age can become a problem for kids as they can not ride them.
  • Height: This factor is significant for the kid’s safety. Bikes are essentially two-wheeled vehicles that depend on personal balance. Kids without experience might not be able to control it effectively. Thus, they may need to reach for the ground occasionally. If the height of the bike is too high, they can not contact it effectively. This problem might lead to accidents and troubles. Also, a small bike without proper height will make riding it difficult.
  • Gender: It is not compulsory to buy the bike as per the gender of the kid. The bikes are generally gender-neutral and can be used by both girls and boys. There are some models for girls that come with paint works and attachments liked by the girls. These will be more feasible for girls to use.
  • Geared or gearless: The number of kids bikes for sale in the market with gear is increasing. This increment is due to the ease of using it. Geared bicycles are easier to use in various terrains, including inclined roads. The gearless bikes solely depend on the power input by the person to move forward. But gear mechanisms can help to reduce the power input by the reduced gear ratio methods. It allows kids to use less effort on riding the bike. The price of the geared bike is somewhat higher when compared to the gearless ones.
  • Price: Price is a concerning factor in the selection of bikes. The price varies with different elements. And hence the features selected determine the overall price. It is not wise to spend more money on small kid’s bikes as kids will grow faster, and the bicycles may become unusable. But giving a safe and elegant bike is also significant.

Features and accessories

Today, bikes come with various features and riding a bicycle requires different accessories.

  • Disc brakes: Many bike manufacturers now provide disc brakes and ABS systems in their bikes. It improves safety while riding and increases brake power. But the disc brakes can be higher in price, unlike the drum brakes.
  • Seat features: Many bikes come with an adjustable seat mechanism. This feature, along with good cushioning, is highly recommended for ride comfort.
  • Training wheels: They are essential for kids who are starting to learn about bike riding. It is hard to balance on two wheels without practice. The training wheel allows kids to ride bikes without worrying about falling. These wheels are eventually removed as kids learn to balance without them.
  • Safety equipment: Falling while riding a bike is common. But it is necessary to protect the kid from severe injuries with safety equipment like a helmet, knee protection, etc.


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