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10 Flowers That Can Be Used In A Wedding

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Flowers are an important part of the décor and ambience of your wedding. They make a significant contribution to the overall beauty of the day, both visually and aromatically. The bridal bouquet is just the beginning; it should be a stunning blend of colours and flowers that symbolise your personality and reflect the theme of your wedding. Flowers can be used as centrepieces, aisle decorations, and so much more in addition to all of your wedding party’s bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. Our illustrated guide covers all you need to know about wedding flowers.


We’ll start with the obvious pick and one of the most popular wedding flowers. The rose is a traditional flower that represents love and beauty, making it an ideal choice for marrying the love of your life. For thousands of years, poets and writers have used the rose to symbolise passion and genuine love. You can choose the timeless and classic red rose, but there are hundreds of types of roses in various colours, styles, and sizes. This means that this popular wedding flower is accessible all year and complements practically any theme. Order roses online as the three most prevalent roses used for weddings are hybrid tea roses, spray roses, and garden roses.

Calla Lilies 

Calla Lillies, one of the most beautiful kind of Lillies, are endemic to South Africa. These flowers come in various pink, yellow, purple, and other colours. However, the most beautiful Calla Lillies are the white ones, which are both trendy and elegant.


Vibrant yellow and orange marigolds are easy to give a splash of colour to an all-green outdoor wedding venue. They can be used to line staircases and walks, wrapped around and draped from trees, or just laid down in random designs on the ground. Whether it’s day or night, pair them with decorative frames and containers or diyas and candles. Marigold is also the most popular flower for creating mandaps. It garlands are utilised liberally in everything from stage backdrop design to mandap canopies. Marigold flower design is common in stage decor, both on its own and when coupled with light draperies. These flowers are essential for the haldi ceremony when the decor is often bright and cheery, and even the bride wears them.


Peonies are ideal for decorating a wedding site with their flowering petals and intoxicating smell. This flower can be used with other flowers to create a stunning aesthetic for the wedding site. Peony species are used to make unique flower bouquets to complement the beauty of the wedding setting. Bouquets were arranged around the mandap, entrance door, and other areas to offer an overall romantic appeal to the site.


These tiny flowers, which can be found anywhere thanks to their lovely, mild smell, are a must-have at any South Indian Hindu wedding. They are thought to bring good luck and be a harbinger of good fortune. These Indian wedding flowers are not only utilised as décor but they are also put in the bride’s hair. You can order these lovely flowers online as the immaculate white colour also represents purity.


These ruffled blossoms are just the type of flowers utilised for Indian wedding decorations: adaptable, vibrant, and reasonably priced. Furthermore, these lovely blossoms represent a lifetime of optimism and delight for potential grooms and brides.


One of the most popular wedding flowers, Roses have an unrivalled presence at Indian weddings. Whether red, pink, or white, each colour has a special meaning. While pink roses represent joy, white roses represent charm and grace. The red rose, on the other hand, represents ardent love. It isn’t easy to imagine a wedding without the beauty and aroma of eternal roses.


Gardenias are supposed to symbolise pleasant dreams, faith, and happiness, which are commonly correlated with weddings. They have a delicate, layered bloom and lustrous, green foliage and an exceptionally irresistible and lasting sweet smell. The gardenia bloom’s white tint provides a sense of purity and innocence, which explains why it is frequently utilised in wedding rituals. These vibrant flowers are popular for reception-table centrepieces in addition to bridal bouquets.


Heather flowers represent adoration and good fortune. Heathers are evergreen shrubs with flowers that bloom from July through September. Adding a branch of heather in a bride’s bouquet brings good luck to the marriage.


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